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You’re probably familiar with the feeling of looking for a professional makeup course in your area, but for some reason you can only find makeup classes that are offered online. Why?

There’s a good explanation behind the sudden explosion of online makeup schools, and we’d be more than happy to enlighten you! It may sound strange at first – to learn makeup artistry online – but it’s a trend that’s been booming since the dawn of YouTube tutorials.

Read up on why makeup schools are now offering courses online, and how it can help you start your career way sooner than you could have imagined.

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Learning Makeup = Learning Makeup

Let’s face it, whether you learn makeup online or in a classroom, you’re still learning makeup! The techniques and skills you’ll be practicing should be industry standards – which means there’s no need to travel an hour and a half to get the same training as you would at home. Luckily, online makeup schools tuned into this a while ago.

It may seem like learning in a physical classroom will give you a better education, but that’s not a valid argument. Unless you’re getting one-on-one training with an instructor who is very closely critiquing your work, you’re not getting the attention you need in a big class.

We’d like to point out that while you learn online, you can stop, rewind, replay, and watch close-ups of your teacher – which sounds WAY more comfortable than squeezing in around 20 other students for a glimpse!

Lower Tuition

This is the easiest point to explain, and the most logical. Less costs of running a physical school translates into a lower cost for your makeup courses. This is a no-brainer – when you attend a physical makeup school, much of your tuition goes to keeping the school in good shape (which costs a lot of moola).

Online makeup schools are able to offer lower tuition because they don’t have to pay for a building, security guards, classroom supplies, etc. You’re paying for the actual course, not the campus experience. We don’t have to tell you how much colleges charge for a single course…

Less Hassle for Students

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Something you may not consider when looking into online schools is outreach. Think about how many hours you had to wait in high school or university for an appointment with a guidance counselor. It’s annoying, and quite frankly, it’s rude for a school to take your money and then offer you no help!

It’s easier for schools to address issues via email or phone, rather than having an office overrun by worried students. This also means it’s easier for students to reach out – it’s better to just pick up the phone and have your question answered than to travel across town and wait in line all day. Am I right, or am I right?

Oh yeah – we can’t forget to mention the part about not having to go to class! That’s right, you can now sleep in without sacrificing your education (well, unless you have to work). But even still, you can open up your course and decide your own class hours.

Yes, you’re absolutely in charge of when you learn. Having a bad day? Schedule your study session for tomorrow. Have a cancelled shift? Spend the afternoon working on your course. You dictate your own class schedule – and we’re jealous about that.

More Study Time

In addition to studying whenever you want, you also get to submit your assignments when you’re ready. Imagine that! Not having to conform to a teacher’s tough deadlines and ruthless late policies…

This does mean, however, that you need to have a passion for learning makeup. Without the drive to work on your course, you could become stuck in a slump and start forgetting bits of what you learned. We definitely can’t let that happen. An easy fix? Tell your friends and family about your goals and set up a weekly schedule to practice. Knowing you have others rooting for you will push you to finish your course.

And hey – if your friends want to let you practice on them, that’s fantastic! You get all the time you need to practice your techniques before submitting assignments, and you’ll notice after a few tries that your work is transforming.

Learning makeup with online courses

Closer Instruction

When most people enroll in a makeup academy, they do so because they want to learn from a professional (of course!). One of the benefits of learning online is being able to look into which tutors you’ll have, and gaining direct feedback from them for every assignment you submit.

Now, we know that you get this in class as well, but the main point here is the personalization.

Your feedback can be much more intimate when you’re learning online, since it’s a direct message to you rather than to a classroom or a quick scribbled note. Your work is evaluated in detail, and you hear every point that needs to be addressed – YOU are the full focus.

Plus, you get personal advice from a professional makeup artist with this one-to-one format. And you can listen to it again and again!

So learning makeup online isn’t much different than learning in-class, and it really all depends on your learning style! Some people do better when they have to maintain a strict classroom schedule, while others prefer to go along at their own pace. Whichever makeup course you choose, make sure it will help you get your dream career!

Ready to get started? Find out which makeup course is best for you – and land the career of your dreams!

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