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If you’re considering enrolling in an online makeup course, you know you can look forward to learning skills and techniques that will help you become a successful makeup artist. But there is still so much more to learn from your makeup classes than just the applications!

Your makeup training teaches you skills like how to build a makeup portfolio and even how to start your own business! You also get to study the history behind some of the world’s most popular makeup trends.

Once you become a makeup artist, you’ll have some seriously valuable techniques and knowledge under your belt. You’ll be fully prepared to hit the ground running as a makeup professional. Read on for 6 things you didn’t expect to learn in your makeup artist classes!

A history of makeup trends

The sultry smoky eye is one of the most well-known makeup trends of all time, but where did it come from, and when did it become popular? Knowing the origins of makeup trends, as well as how the makeup industry has evolved, will allow you to provide advice to your makeup clients. This also helps you make the right decisions when creating your own looks!

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Some online makeup courses will provide you with an overview of makeup icons and trends, and how to create famous celebrity looks. As a makeup artist, you’ll surprise clients with your knowledge of the history of makeup, improving their experience with you and building your reputation!

Secrets of the experts

You’re an aspiring makeup artist, and as such, you’re eager to learn advanced skills that will set you apart. Did you know that certain online makeup courses are taught by celebrity makeup artists, and that they’ll actually share their secrets with you?

Classes like the Pro Makeup Workshop are designed for trained makeup artists who want to take their makeup careers to the next level. Plus, it’s taught by celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson, who actually teaches students his best-kept secrets!

That’s right—you’ll be privy to the professional techniques of an artist who has created looks on some of the most famous celebrities in the world! This training will increase your confidence while seriously upping your makeup artistry game!

How to create a beautiful portfolio

A portfolio is a showcase of your work as a makeup artist, and is absolutely essential to your growth in the industry. In your online makeup classes, you’ll learn how to build a portfolio, which includes tips like how to find a photographer, models and stylists, and how to showcase your best work properly.

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As we mentioned earlier, there is so much more to learn from your makeup training than simply applying makeup. Knowing how to create a makeup portfolio is vital to your business success! This skill will be invaluable as you begin your makeup artistry career—you’ll be able to find new clients by showing them your work, and you can keep adding to your portfolio as you grow.

How to handle constructive criticism

As rewarding and exciting as the makeup industry is, there is definitely nothing easy about it! You’ll need to develop a thick skin when dealing with feedback from both clients and employers, and this begins in your online makeup course. As you submit your assignments and photos, your tutor will be grading your efforts based on certain guidelines. If they see that some areas need improvement, they will provide their expert advice on what you did well and what you need to work on.

Don’t take this criticism personally, but do take it seriously! Your tutor is an expert in the field and has a trained eye for makeup techniques. It will be difficult to hear that you’ve missed the mark on some assignments, but allow this to propel you to work even harder instead of being discouraged.

The ability to handle constructive criticism and negative feedback will be essential to your career as a makeup artist. You will inevitably encounter picky clients! Your makeup tutors prepare you for the real world by offering feedback that is sometimes tough, but will ultimately benefit you in the long run.

Starting your own makeup business

A common goal for many aspiring makeup artists is to start their own makeup business, and with good reason! Working as a freelance makeup artist will give you a sense of control over your time, employees, how much you charge, and much more. Achieving success as a business owner does not happen overnight, but having some background in business training will help you out a lot.

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There is so much to know when it comes to starting your own makeup business! How do you go about choosing a name, taxes, insurance, writing a business plan, registering your business, and deciding on marketing strategies? Learning these skills in your makeup class will set you on a path to success as a business owner. Your assignments are based in the real world, which is how you learn the ins and outs of the makeup industry.

How to manage your time

Finally, an online makeup course will teach you the essential skill of time management! By its very nature, an online course of any kind requires its students to be organized and motivated. You’ll need to complete assignments and set aside time in your busy schedule to practice new makeup skills. By enrolling in an online makeup course, you are teaching yourself how to schedule effectively—a vital skill for a makeup artist working with clients on the daily. By carving out time each week to practice your makeup skills, you are exercising strong discipline which will serve you well in your career as a makeup artist. You’ll need to find time to practice looks no matter what level you’re at!

You can expect to learn the knowledge and skills you need to jump start your makeup career from an online course. But there’s also great deal more that propels you to success as a professional makeup artist!

Don’t regret your time studying! Make the most of your online makeup training with these helpful tips!

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