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If you’re considering a career as a makeup artist, know that it’s a highly rewarding and dynamic career – but there is a great deal of competition, so you’ll need to stand out!

One way to set yourself apart is to get your makeup artist certification – it will show employers and clients that you learned all the skills necessary for a successful career in makeup, and that you disciplined yourself to complete the full program.

But let’s back up for a moment. What exactly IS a makeup certificate? Read on to find out exactly what this certification means, how you should go about getting one, and how it can jumpstart your career as a makeup artist!

Why it’s important

Chances are, if you want to become a makeup artist, you’re familiar with different tricks and techniques. We’re sure that you’ve watched every makeup tutorial, and you’re the go-to for friends who need a perfect winged liner for their night out! However, just because you think you’re a professional with a makeup brush doesn’t mean clients will believe it.

This is where a makeup certificate comes in. Enrolling in a makeup course, whether in-class or online, is truly the first step to your professional career in makeup. Not only will you learn how to create natural makeup looks, high-end fashion looks, and even special effects makeup, most makeup courses prepare you to start your own makeup business!


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Once you have your certification, you’ll hit the ground running (and impress any employer you come across).

Do your research before choosing a makeup course, as you want to make sure you enroll in one that allows you to pursue your own interests and career goals. You can choose a comprehensive makeup course, which will provide you with essential makeup training. Or, if you’re more interested in airbrush makeup or special effects makeup, you can choose to enroll in a specialized course instead.

The makeup certification you receive reflects the skills and knowledge gained from that specific course, which makes it such a vital component in your career – you can be seriously proud of what you’ve accomplished, and know that you can create any look requested by your clients.

So while your current makeup skills (whether they be learned from YouTube or your own experimentation) are a great foundation, they can’t measure up to the professional training you’ll receive in a makeup course. Your makeup artist certification allows you to charge clients for your exceptional services, meaning a higher income and awesome reputation in no time!

Getting certified

Any career that you choose to pursue is going to require dedication and hard work. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise! A goal worth reaching will always take time and ambition. It’s no different with makeup artistry – in fact, you’ll have to work very hard in order to obtain your certification, and later build a career in makeup for yourself. But we did say that this was a rewarding career, and we stand by that fact – the clients you acquire, the reputation you build, and all the skills you learn will pay off in huge ways!

More and more makeup artistry courses are going online, and it is an avenue you’ll absolutely want to explore if you have a busy lifestyle. Online makeup courses allow you a great deal of flexibility with your assignments, let you to connect with other students, and you’ll probably save money in the process! Plus, makeup artist certifications that are completed online are the same as the ones from in-class makeup courses – so it’s a win-win!

As mentioned above, each makeup certification is unique in terms of the training you’ll receive. For example, if you complete the Airbrush Makeup Workshop, you would receive a certification that prepares you to apply flawless airbrush makeup to clients, and shows that you have the professional skills to succeed in the industry – especially in bridal!

Alternatively, graduates of the Master Makeup Artistry course receive a Master International Makeup Professional (MIMP) designation that prepares them to create bridal makeup, theater makeup, and start their own makeup artist business! Each certification is a unique reflection of what you can do with your makeup kit.

Jumpstart your career as a makeup artist

In any profession, additional training and practice will obviously advance your skills. This goes without saying! When it comes to learning makeup, practice makes perfect, and your makeup artistry certification is a fantastic way to demonstrate just how much knowledge you’ve gained from proper makeup training.

Employers and clients alike will be impressed by your accomplishments. In addition to this, you’ll be able to build a brilliant portfolio! A proper makeup portfolio is essential in the makeup industry, so much so that any potential employer will be unlikely to hire you on words alone – your portfolio will provide them with a visual look at what you’re capable of!

You can actually feature work from your makeup courses in your portfolio, which means you’re already a step ahead in your makeup career. Don’t stop there, though – add in your grade and feedback from your tutor, as well. Your portfolio and makeup certification are the perfect recipe for a successful career. Your portfolio illustrates the looks and techniques you’ve mastered, while your certification speaks volumes about the professional training you’ve completed. Together, they show off your passion and drive for makeup artistry.

Once you have some hands-on experience under your belt, you may decide to start your own makeup business, and you’ll be in great company doing so! This is a desirable path for makeup artists who want to be their own boss, set their own fees, and build a reputation for themselves.

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So consider a makeup artistry certification as your golden ticket to starting a makeup business. Not only will you be confident in your knowledge of the industry, you’ll also have professional training that will guide you to start your own business. If this is a route you wish to take, be sure to enroll in a makeup course that teaches you the ins-and-outs of business, like how to register one, set up your office, do your taxes, and write a business plan. These are all key elements of building a successful brand as a makeup artist!

All in all, there are really no downsides to obtaining a makeup certification. And now that you’re familiar with what it is and how your career can be boosted from it, do your research and find the makeup course that’s right for you!

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