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Let’s be honest – even though careers in makeup artistry are on the rise, there are still a lot of people who don’t get why you would want to pursue this path. There seems to be a stigma attached to aspiring makeup artists, especially when families expect them to follow a traditional career path.

Well, one thing is for sure: no one can choose your career for you. Following your passion has a huge impact on how much you like your job, and how well you do in your career. Without passion, no one will perceive you as a dedicated worker.

So let’s break down the stigma surrounding makeup artistry. It is an extremely lucrative career path, and if you don’t believe us, just ask our professional makeup artists who are killing it in the makeup industry right now! Read on for the 4 most annoying things you’ll hear from people who “just don’t get” why you’re going to makeup school.

Can you really have a serious career in makeup?

Yes – 1000% yes! The idea that makeup artistry isn’t a serious career path is just ignorance taking its toll on the industry. Anyone who has been in the entertainment, fashion, or bridal industry knows just how much potential there is in a makeup artist’s salary.

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First of all, we think that the majority of people uttering this phrase have never have been interested in makeup. Or, they probably had their career picked out since they were 14. They’re not trying to put down your career, it’s just that they simply don’t know how many opportunities there are for makeup artists. If you’ve never been interested in makeup, then you’ve probably never researched the industry!

Secondly, makeup artists who don’t push themselves to build a stable career can contribute to the idea that makeup artistry isn’t a good career path. However, all of the success stories from professional makeup artists who didn’t give up tell us otherwise!

Will you want to do this in 20 years?

Ah, the number one question your parents will ask when you start your career in makeup. I mean, wouldn’t they ask this about any career that’s less than traditional?

We’d like to say that the majority of parents are supportive of their children’s dreams – but the reality is that most parents worry their children won’t have a solid plan for the future. It’s all from the heart, but they need to realize just how good you are at this. Once people see you thriving in your job and loving what you do, they’ll realize this is the right career path for you.

Just as well, today’s economy doesn’t call for anyone to be in the same career their entire lives. Although we like to think we know what we’ll want in the future, there’s no way of knowing if things will change. It’s easier to break into new fields nowadays with accessible training and online courses – you can work while you study.

And if you find in 20 years that you still love being a makeup artist, then stick with it!

Maybe you should go to college first…

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Since when did continued education just become about college and university? There are thousands of programs out there that offer professional training for those who aren’t happy attending college. Plus, these programs are generally a lot more affordable than traditional colleges!

While you’re saving your wallet from bleeding out, you’ll also be learning specialized skills that are no less useful than what you’d learn in college. If you’re committed to becoming a celebrity makeup artist, what good will a Bachelor’s degree in Law do?

Education shouldn’t be about prestige – it should be about which program or school will give you the most relevant training for the field you want to work in. If you’re looking into makeup academies, be sure their courses will prepare you for the career you want in makeup, whether it’s bridal, film, or fashion.

Why don’t you just watch YouTube tutorials?

The age-old question that makes our blood boil. No, I cannot just “watch YouTube tutorials” – I won’t actually learn if I’m doing things right!

Think of it this way: if you attend college, will you just get your degree without taking any exams? No. And the same goes for any other profession in the market. Without feedback and analysis of your work from an expert, there’s no telling if you have the techniques right or if you’re just slapping products on someone’s face and thinking it looks good.

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As we’ve pointed out before, most YouTubers have professional makeup training under their belt. Also, the process of applying makeup in a YouTube tutorial is usually accompanied by life chats rather than teachings. You might find a good tip here and there, and you’ll definitely find inspiration, but you won’t have a solid foundation in makeup to start your career (not a successful one, anyways!).

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