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You’ve been putting in tons of hours practicing techniques, you’ve been keeping up with all the latest trends, and your clients always leave you looking and feeling fantastic. You’re putting in all this work, but how do you know you’ve really made it? Read on for some signs that your makeup career is taking off!

Social Media Engagement

If every time you log in to your Facebook or Instagram you have new comments and likes, this could be a sign that things are starting to heat up! People sharing your posts or tagging friends in the comment section shows that they’re really engaging with your content, and this is a great way to both recruit new clients and keep existing ones connected to you.

Make sure you encourage this kind of engagement—people love when their comments are liked, or they get tagged in a response. Perhaps it’s time to attempt some social media promotions or giveaways too, like a draw for a free makeup application if someone shares a post? This costs you very little, and the promotion is free!

Referrals are Pouring In

Referrals mean more than just an extra booking. They show that previous clients liked your work enough to recommend you to their friends or family members, which is a huge compliment!

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You might consider offering an incentive for referrals, for example, a discount to new clients who come in on the advice of a friend or a bonus to existing clients who are promoting your work. Referrals can have a snowball effect too: if your current referred client loves your application, she’ll tell her friends about it too, and it will just grow from there!

Your Portfolio is Huge!

When you were first starting out, you were begging friends to let you try different looks so that you could build up your portfolio. Now, you have so much content you’re able to get picky. High fashion, bridal, teen, mature clients—you’ve done it all! Having lots of different looks to showcase is a sign that you’ve been working lots, and doing diverse and interesting applications. Your makeup career is taking off!

Make sure you’re updating your portfolio regularly to show your best, most recent work. Your skills are improving all the time, and you’ll want to reflect that! Choose looks that not only reflect your skill, but also the kind of jobs you’re hoping to book. It will be tough to branch out into high fashion if your portfolio is dominated by bridal makeup, and you’re at a place in your makeup career where you can afford to be selective!

High Profile Jobs

Getting to where you want with your makeup career isn’t just about booking jobs, it’s about what kind of jobs you book. Remember to always think a few steps ahead. A prospective job might not be exactly where you see yourself going, but it could provide the connections and experience necessary to reach those big career goals.

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Who your ideal makeup client is obviously depends on what kind of career you envision for yourself. Whether you just booked an entire wedding party for a destination ceremony, or find yourself creating editorial looks for your favorite magazine, when you start booking those dream jobs, you’ll know you’ve made it!

You’re the Expert

When you see your social media accounts being followed by other makeup artists or you’re asked to do a guest vlog for someone’s YouTube channel, you know you’re taking off! It’s great to promote your own work online and offer up advice, but when other industry pros want to connect with you and are asking for your opinions, it’s a huge accomplishment.

Other professionals are recognizing your skill and are turning to you for advice or inspiration. This is when you know that you’ve got something truly unique to offer, and you’re making a real mark on the industry.

After putting so much energy into turning your passion into a career, it is incredible to reach the milestones that let you know it’s all paying off. Whether you’ve already hit these markers or are still working towards them, keep putting in that effort! It will all be worth it when you’re able to build the career you’ve always dreamed of.

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