How to Get a Job as a MAC Makeup Artist

Many QC Students would love to one day work for a big makeup brand like MAC Cosmetics or Sephora. But the idea of even applying for these jobs can be super stressful for some people!

In her latest video, Jamie Smith explains how she landed a job as a MAC Makeup Artist. Learn what the interview process is like and how you can make sure you present yourself correctly to get the job!

The Interview Process

Jamie mentions there are three separate interviews she went through after having applied for the job.

1: In-Person Interview

First, she met face-to-face with an interviewer to go over her resume and talk about opportunities. This was very similar to any other job interview for a retail-type position.

Retail skills matter!

Though you’re applying for a makeup artist job, the reality is when you work at MAC, Sephora or any other makeup retail location, you’re expected to not only be an exceptional makeup artist, but also to be able to sell their products. So retail experience, or at least good customer service experience, is a real asset!

2: The Makeup Trial

This is where you’ll show off your skills as a makeup artist. You’ll arrive with a model and you’ll be asked to apply several looks to that model.

During the trial, be sure you treat your model as if they’re a MAC customer you’ve never met. You’ll be evaluated on more than just your skills, but your abilities to interact with customers, make them feel comfortable, and sell MAC products all at the same time!

3: In-Store Interview

Jamie’s third interview was with the manager of the actual MAC store where she was going to work. During this interview, you’ll want to make sure you present yourself with in-style makeup that both show off your skills and confirm that you are aware of the latest makeup trends. Of course, your interpersonal skills will be evaluated here as well!

Do you plan on one day working at MAC? Learn how to write an awesome resume first!

Note: The steps in this video and in the above description depict one individual’s experience applying for a job with MAC cosmetics in August 2014. QC is not affiliated with MAC and thus we cannot guarantee that your experience will be similar to the one above. For more information on jobs with MAC cosmetics, please contact them directly!

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  • UrbanWarpaintBec says:

    Haha Jamie I love your style you are so honest and REAL!! What a shame you haven’t managed to get a shift yet you have a gorgeous down to earth personality and honestly every time I have been to MAC as a customer I have found the experience average in terms of their service I have only experienced rude snobby girls (here in Australia)… they need more approachable lovely people like you!

    • Jamie says:

      Awww! Thank you SO much! That’s very sweet, I’m gonna print it out and leave it on their counter, haha! Or maybe I should just come to Australia…yes this seems like the best option. 😛

  • Dyamon says:

    Hi Jamie, thank you for the helpful tips! I’m so glad that I received this email about your recent post. My second interview is tomorrow with MAC. Any advice? I am bringing a model with me. And the recruiter liked me a lot so she gave me a heads up on what the district manager would talk to me about. She mentioned sales any advice on how I can convince them I’m great at selling product and delivering incredible customer service? 🙂

  • Wansada says:

    Hi, I just enroll qc master makeup I do have experience makeup and sale cosmetics in my country (thailand) I would like to know if I graduated with qc how many years of experience I will be able to apply a job at Mac
    thank you

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi there Wansada, thanks for commenting! If you’re interested in getting a job at MAC, the first thing you should do is contact your local store and speak to a manager about what they’re looking for in their potential employees. They should be able to tell you how many years’ experiencing they would like their employees to have. I think you might also find this blog article helpful if looking to work for a top cosmetic brand. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Shadz says:

    Jamie wish that even in person you are like this sweetheart. Truly I must say the ladies at MAC are self centred, prideful and don’t take us seriously. Especially when you go there to ask about information on ” how do you get a job here , who’s the goto person and so forth”. Then here they are with their unpleasant attitude. Which is not expected by , since as a young artist MAC was and still is my number one go to house. When I think of working for someone. Though thank you plenty hun you’re a star… ♥♥

  • Friend says:

    Just wanted to say thank you 4 information given and for the encouraging words that you chose to use comma that was very positive and uplifting for aspiring makeup artist everywhere. Thank You.

  • Tracy williams says:

    I have been wanting to work with MAC for bad I swear I love me some MAC I been doing a lot and I mean ALOT of makeup I even have a makeup group on Facebook with over 60K queens that’s called Makeup For Real Black Women and I pray I can get in 1 day with MAC

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