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Finding a job as an emerging makeup artist can be tricky—but you need to follow your passion! Don’t miss out on a great job opportunity because you’re intimidated by the position. You completed your makeup artistry training, right? So go for it!

Here’s a guide to how you can land a makeup artist job with Ulta!

Align Your Goals

When you apply for any job as a makeup artist, it’s extremely important to know where you want to work. Becoming a makeup artist in retail is very different than becoming a fashion or film makeup artist. Each job involves different skills and techniques, so it’s important to know what your passion is!

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If you enjoy working with multiple clients and recommending makeup based on each person’s needs, then working at a retail spot like Ulta is a great option!

More than this, you also need to be sure you agree with the employer’s vision. This can include their creative vision or their business direction. For example, Ulta stresses that their company is “revolutionizing the beauty experience for all” by offering various brands and price points to its customers. They want their clients to have a positive and enjoyable experience every time they visit the store. So, if you think you’d like to work with different brands and new people every day, this is a job for you!

Pro Tip:
It’s important for you to mention your own goals in your application—this will show the potential employer that your vision works with that of the company.

Start as a Beauty Advisor

How to be a beauty advisor with ulta

Ulta offers a great position for new makeup artists who are just starting out in their career. As a Beauty Advisor for Ulta, you’ll be working as a retail associate which will let you get to know the products and brands the company stocks. You’ll be able to test products and learn what works for each skin type. Once you gain the essential product knowledge to work as an experienced Ulta advisor, you’ll have the potential to become a Senior Beauty Advisor! This is where you’ll gain more experience with makeup applications for your clients.

It’s important to practice your interpersonal skills for any retail position—especially when you’re working with clients who can be sensitive about their appearance. You’ll want to reflect a positive and professional business attitude to both your coworkers and clients. Creating professional relationships with clients will keep them coming back to the store (and give you a great reputation!).

Show Your Talents

When you apply for a job as a makeup artist, it always matters what the potential employer sees in you—as well as on you! Your makeup should be flawless when you go for an interview at any makeup salon or store. Show that you have the professional training for the job by literally doing it. Give yourself perfect winged liner and a glowing complexion to keep it professional and also show your makeup skills.

And don’t forget: bring your portfolio! This is the easiest way to show what you can do. Providing your interviewer with quality photos of your work is essential to landing a makeup artist job. Be sure your portfolio is up-to-date and your work reflects the company’s standard!

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Know Your Stuff

You’ll also want to impress your employer with your vast product knowledge! Since Ulta is a store with a variety of brands, you need to have some experience with them. And no, we’re not saying you need to go on a shopping spree—just know about the brands. You can easily do some research on the top brands at Ulta by checking out the brand’s website.

One more thing: when you apply, it’s important that you go in and speak with a supervisor or manager at the store. Sometimes an online application is all that’s accepted, so it’s even more crucial to follow up. A simple phone call (typically between 5-7 days after applying) or a quick visit to the store will put a face to your name. This is a huge advantage over other applicants who don’t bother giving a personal touch!

So if you can show your interviewer that you have the knowledge AND skills to perform the job, you’ll be starting your new career as a makeup artist in no time!

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