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2015 Winter Makeup Contest—Winners REVEALED!

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It’s time to announce the winners of this year’s Naughty or Nice Winter Makeup Contest!

This year, we asked contestants to create either a Winter Fairy Princess (“nice”) or an Evil Snow Queen (“naughty”), drawing inspiration from a photograph of an ice castle. We received some amazing entries, dozens and dozens of them! We posted our favorites as our Semi-Finalists, and you helped us pick the top 5 finalists by voting on Facebook.

Now it’s time to choose a winner in both categories.

I had the chance to sit down with QC Tutors Nathan Johnson and Azzi Williams today who teamed up to critique the five finalists in each category. They had some wonderful feedback for all the finalists and the winner selection was unanimous! Watch the videos below to hear the tutor’s critiques and to find the identity of our winners!

“Naughty” Category: Evil Snow Queen

Evil Snow Queen Makeup Finalists

These amazingly talented makeup artists provided us with brief descriptions or back stories of their creations:

Jessica Shay: “Evil snow queen that rules the land and hunts down anyone that tries to enter.”

Rebecca Hoheisel: “This Evil Snow Queen is a beautiful disaster. Her looks are very deceiving. She has no problem tricking people who lurk around her cave into thinking she’s a very pleasant snow beauty. As quick as she an trick you, she will take your soul. The guard on her chest protects her heart from anyone who tries to defeat this evil queen. “

Luisa Santibanez: “My vision or story behind it is about a girl living in a tribe up in the Himalayas, who was the daughter of the king of the tribe. Being his daughter she felt oppressed by her tough father’s commands. She felt harassed by all men in the tribe, since she was the king’s only daughter, he was desperately looking for a good man to marry her. Regardless of her beauty, she developed anger towards the men of the tribe, including her father. She wanted to be free, so she started her own kingdom and was ready to stand against the tribe and defeat her own father.”

Itzel Puentes: “Her coldness comes from inside out.”

Kyla Lardie: “The look I created is an Evil Queen who rules the land with a cold heart. With one icy look, she can freeze you where you stand. For fear of being frozen for eternity, her subjects obey her every command. She is strong, beautiful, and independent…but not kind. She was once warm-hearted, but now she is a woman scorned.”

Watch the video for the judge’s critiques and winner announcement:

“Nice” Category: Winter Fairy Princess

Winter Fairy Princess Makeup Finalists

Here are the artist’s descriptions or stories of their characters:

Rebecca Hoheisel: “This look is a magical look. This winter fairy princess has a very sweet heart. With her cool skin and silver accents, you can tell she would live in a ice castle. She is the perfect example of the nice side of the ice. (: “

Marye Eve Laquerre: “Nice frozen princess. “

Courtney Easterly: “I used the picture provided for inspiration on the colors and when creating my head dress.  I made the head piece out of hot glue and christmas decorations!  The makeup I wanted to look more like a natural, snow fairy, which is why I choose blue and grey tones.  Wanted to look sort of like I had frost bite.  But then added pearls, rhinestones and of course glitter for that fairy vibe!  I feel like I would be the queen of snow fairies with this look!”

Karmela Kurowski: “Winter fairy princess.”

Itzel Puentes: “Even in the coldest land you can find a warm heart.”

Here is the judge’s critiques and winner announcement for this category:


To the winner of each category, and to all of our finalists, bravo! You all did an outstanding job! Your prizes will be shipped to you tomorrow, and with any luck you’ll receive them before Christmas!

Prizes—Winter Makeup Contest

Extra QC Student Prize

On top of the two grand prizes, we also have a special prize for one lucky QC student or graduate who entered the contest. This is a random draw from all the students and grads who submitted an entry and provided their student number, as requested.

The winner of the QC Student/Grad prize is…

QC Student Prize Winter Makeup Contest

Again a huge congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who participated in this winter contest!

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