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Being able to create beautiful makeup looks on your own face is a useful skill. To be a professional makeup artist, however, you’ll have to learn how to do makeup just as well, if not better, on other people too!

While you perfect your basic skills, your best plan of action is to find makeup models who won’t mind volunteering their time. Practicing on models is beneficial for both people involved. You’ll learn how to do gorgeous makeup applications on another person’s features, and your model will get the opportunity to try a new makeup look.

Finding a model might seem like an intimidating idea, but it can be quite easy when you’re learning a skill as popular as professional makeup artistry. In fact, while you’re learning, your model can be anyone at all!


Your new adventure into the world of makeup artistry can be exciting for the people in your household too! Perhaps your sister will let you practice a smoky eye so she can look extra special for a night out with her friends? Maybe your mom would enjoy a light makeover to boost her confidence before a work presentation, letting you practice a soft, subtle day time look?

The people close to you can be your greatest asset while you learn. You can even practice your highlighting and contouring skills on the back of your dad’s hand while he watches the evening news! If you’re passionate about your work and make your family members feel appreciated when they help you, you might have all of the models you need right there at home.

makeup on your family member


How great would it be to have a talented makeup artist on hand for a first date or a big party? While you learn, you can be that person for your friends! If they can see that you’re eager to perfect your skills and make people look and feel their best, they’ll be eager to help you reach your goals. Plus, they’ll get to try new looks and maybe even learn a few tricks while you work.

Practicing makeup techniques on your friends is both practical and social. You’ll improve your skills and complete assignments while also getting to spend quality time with any friends who are willing to volunteer their time. You can even use your need for models as an opportunity to reconnect with old pals or bond with new ones.

Aspiring Models

Sometimes the best way to promote your talents and advertise your skills is to collaborate with other artists and professionals.

Some beginning makeup artists work with local models that are just starting out and are willing to volunteer their time. You might also team up with a photographer or a hair stylist who is looking for practice. In exchange for each person contributing to the shoot, you can all use the resulting photos in your portfolios.

This kind of collaboration is called a “styled shoot”, and it is beneficial to everyone who works on the team. Even if no photographers are available to help you, you can still team up with a local model if you have a good quality camera to take pictures on for yourself to use.

aspiring model photoshoot with makeup

Online Groups

If nobody you know is an aspiring model, try networking in online communitiesFacebook groups can be a great way to connect with models and other artists who are looking to expand their portfolios and need a volunteer makeup artist for their project. You can also use networks like, which is designed to help professionals with skills that are relevant to the modeling industry connect with each other for collaboration.

Even a simple post by your friends or family members on their social networking profiles can be a helpful form of online networking. The farther positive feedback about your work reaches, the more people might be interested.

going online for makeup forums and makeup interest groups to find models for makeup artistry assignments

Volunteers or Referrals

You can start networking within the professional industry even when you’re still learning. Perhaps the friends and family members who have been your models before know other people who might be interested in letting you do their makeup?

Once you begin your professional career, you’ll learn the value and importance of referrals for attracting new clients. One positive referral from a model that liked your makeup application and had fun working with you can bring in other models for you to practice with as well. Keep this in mind as you work with different people.

The more professional and personable you are, the more likely your models are to recommend the experience to people around them. You’ll benefit from a variety of features and face shapes to practice your techniques on, and the models will get a unique makeup experience free of charge (for now)!

bridal makeup course model referral

Be Pro-Active!

Remember that taking control of your own career can be a smart move. If models aren’t readily available to you, take action and approach some potential candidates. Not only will you benefit from the networking practice this gives you, but you’ll also be able to practice makeup applications without long waits for new models in between.

QC tutors encourage ALL students to find models for their course work—check out the best education for your makeup career!

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  • Kristal Joy Espanola says:

    It’s really hard to find models here in Edmonton, AB all my family members are busy 🙁 any advises?

    • Mireille Pitre says:

      Hi Kristal!

      If friends and family are too busy, try networking with other makeup artists in the area. Maybe you can volunteer your services at local events and get a few clients who are willing to let you practice on them. Posting a call-out on social media and having friends/family spread the word usually works very well. And of course, there’s also the QC Forum located in your student center. You can post to the forum to see if there are other students in your area that might be in a similar situation, and do makeup on each other.

      Hope this helps!


  • Sophie says:

    I’m wanting to model for makeup artists. Im transgender mtf and cant find anyone in my area :/

  • June Middleton says:

    I would love to model for makeup artists.

    • Sloane Seguin says:

      Hi June, thanks for commenting! If modeling for makeup artists is something you’d be interested in doing, then why not make that a reality? 😀 Look around online and connect with local photographers and makeup artists in your area – both working ones and aspiring ones alike. There are probably lots who would be happy to collaborate with a new model. 🙂

      All the best,
      The QC Team

    • Tahmeena says:

      Where are you based?

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