Graduate Feature: Katey Stevens - QC Makeup Academy

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a freelance makeup artist that mainly focuses on collaborating with local photographers and wedding venues. I provide my makeup services for a variety of photoshoot types, such as:

  • Editorial
  • Boudoir
  • Bridal
  • Headshots
  • Prom
  • Special events
  • And any other occasion wherein someone might want to be a little “extra” and done up!

I was born and raised in the beautiful Evergreen State of Washington. I found my passion for makeup as a young child, admiring my Mom getting ready in her bathroom mirror. Outside of makeup, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Cameron, and our two boys, Logan and Jameson.

I’m an avid hiker and enjoy exploring the Cascade Mountains. Also, I love spelunking, riding dirt bikes, quads, gardening, and enjoying good food with good people!

Why did you decide to become a professional makeup artist?

Back when I first met my husband, I found he was/is so ambitious and encouraging. He gave me the confidence boost I needed to believe that I could run my own business and follow my dreams. It’s largely due to his support that I decided to become a full-time MUA!

makeup for photoshoot model

How would you describe your makeup style? What is your favorite makeup style?

I would describe my makeup style as diverse. I view makeup as an art form. I have a variety of interests; from soft glam and bridal, to SFX makeup (involving liquid latex and prosthetics). My favorite makeup style, though, would have to be an evening glam look. Nothing beats a smoky eye or a bold lip!

Tell us a little about your makeup business, Alluring Makeup Artistry. What was the process like in starting your own business?

I visualized the start of my business as a checklist of tasks and goals. I knew I had to start the journey with a makeup academy that could provide me with the tools I needed to get started, and a flexible schedule. I was still working full-time back then, as well as raising two young boys. A flexible makeup school was a must!

I began gaining experience by doing makeup for weddings on the weekends throughout summer. I’d get referred through friends and family, which is how I started getting my name out there. Then I created a makeup-related Instagram page, Facebook Business page, and website. I worked hard to build clientele through social media, local networking groups, and referrals.

You specialize in on-location makeup services for your clients. Can you tell us a little about what that means? Do you feel that providing this service gives you any advantages over your competition?

Adaptability is everything in the makeup industry! That includes being able to function well while being on the move, with a strict timeline.

Whether I’m indoors or outdoors, I can show up at any location and adapt. Regardless of the venue, the weather, or any other circumstances, I’ll have my makeup train, my chair and folding table, my lighting and camera, and be prepared for anything!

It’s also really important to understand how to do a bunch of different makeup styles. That way, you can be flexible, and still suit the person and vision for a project.  My artistic diversity and willingness to adapt to my surroundings gives me a HUGE advantage over my competition.

You focus a large part of your business on collaborating with other local vendors and suppliers. Can you elaborate on this (in terms of the types of collaborations you do, and why you find it beneficial to your career)? Would you recommend this practice to other aspiring MUAs, and if so, why?

I focus on collaborating with local vendors because, as vendors, we’re all working toward a common goal: to have the best customer satisfaction by providing our strongest skill-sets.

Katey Stevens crazy eye makeup look

Photographers, wedding planners, venues, event coordinators, salons, bridal boutiques… All these people that we build relationships with will benefit from the experience. Likewise, our customer traffic will grow once we’re all referring clients to one another and supporting each other’s businesses. This is especially helpful in my case, because I live in such a rural area.

What is the proudest moment in your makeup career so far?

EVERY special moment I share with my clients, when they see themselves in a different way, is my proudest moment. Sometimes, I feel I can maybe help them see themselves in a way they’ve never seen themselves before. That’s incredibly rewarding.

Do you have a favorite look that you’ve done, either on yourself or a client?

Yes, it was a purple, sugar skull makeup look. I did for fun on a friend, and it’s definitely my favorite look so far! It was really cool, because I had all the time in the world to be creative and really take my time with it. It turned out exactly how I had imagined it would. I was very happy with my work.

Two hours later, we had some pretty awesome results. We then went outside to my backyard, took pictures with my camera, and had an impromptu photoshoot!

Why did you choose QC Makeup Academy over all the other makeup schools out there? How do you think QC Makeup Academy has prepared you for working in the field?

The reason I chose QC Makeup Academy, over all the other schools out there, was because I felt they were truly one-on-one. But yet, it was still in a format that allowed me to continue working full-time and managing my life at home with my two young boys.

The entire QC staff were all great, too! From the instructors, to the Student Support Specialist team, everyone was very professional, kind, and helpful. I feel that QC Makeup Academy definitely prepared me to work in this field. They gave me the knowledge and the sense of professionalism that allows me to continue to grow, even to this day!

What’s on the horizon for your Alluring Makeup Artistry in 2020?

In 2020, my goals for Alluring Makeup Artistry are to:

  1. Continue filling my appointment book with clients, and
  2. Continue networking with local vendors, so I can build relationships and grow my freelance business.

Long-term, I hope to be the go-to MUA for events around my area. Who knows, maybe I can even become an international business someday!

Finally, if you were trapped on a desert island, what makeup product would you bring and why?

Mascara! I feel eyelashes are the finishing touch to every look! 😉

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