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Introducing Devyn Gregorio. She’s QC Makeup Academy’s newest Student Ambassador! A graduate of the Master Makeup Artistry course and current student of the Skincare course, she knows exactly what it’s like to be a QC makeup student.

Join us every month as she shares her honest perspective about her student experience, the Skincare course, and life after graduation. But first, we wanted her to introduce herself to everyone in the QC family. Watch the video below to learn more about her and why she chose to attend a makeup school online!

Let’s Recap!

Devyn’s professional makeup journey began when she graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2016. While she loved business and marketing, she didn’t love the jobs she landed post-university. That’s not to say she didn’t love her college experience! But every college grad can agree that life after college can take some getting used to.

Finally realizing that she wasn’t passionate about her work, she asked herself what she really wanted to do. What career path can she go into where the work doesn’t really feel like work? While she’s always loved makeup, she never took it seriously as anything more than a hobby. After some soul-searching, she decided that makeup was something she was genuinely passionate about. So, with her sister, she started her GregorioGirls YouTube channel in 2017.

Soon after her channel launch, Devyn realized that if she was going to educate others on how to do makeup, she better learn how to do it properly herself! So she started researching makeup schools that would teach her classic makeup techniques. After researching local makeup schools in her area, she decided to take her education online.

Brick-and-mortar schools’ high tuition rates didn’t make sense for her—especially since she was still paying off her college tuition. But she still wanted to have professional makeup training that would legitimize her YouTube video content. During her research, she stumbled onto QC Makeup Academy.

Devyn chatted with a Student Support Specialist and learned how QC’s online makeup training works. After learning all about the payment plans and comprehensive course content, she enrolled in the Master Makeup Artistry course, and completed her makeup artist class after a year.

Devyn’s review of QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course

Devyn loved the QC’s online course because she was able to learn about all the different makeup career paths available to a certified makeup artist. She points out that the term “makeup artist” is quite broad! You could be a special effects makeup artist, a bridal makeup artist, a theatrical makeup artist, and even become a beauty influencer.

As she progressed through the Master Makeup Artistry course, she got a taste of everything. The assignments align with many of the different career paths presented, and she felt she truly got the foundational makeup knowledge she was seeking. Nathan Johnson, QC’s executive makeup artist is the instructor for the course. She felt he really knew what he was doing and was enjoyable to watch. With his experience in celebrity makeup application, she loved learning from him.

Nathan also does monthly Facebook live webinars for students and graduates of QC. These events are opportunities to continue her makeup education.

Devyn completed her course after a year. But she definitely feels like it’s possible to complete it in even less time. She was working full-time and sometimes took breaks from her studies—life gets in the way! But that’s why she was happy to know that QC offer students 2 years from the date of enrollment to complete a course. The flexibility of QC’s online makeup courses and having all the materials from the get-go meant the only thing she had to schedule was time with her makeup models for practice.

As Devyn progressed through her course, she decided she wanted to focus her career in freelance makeup artistry. She specializes in special occasion, glamour, and beauty makeup. So far, she’s been hired for prom makeup and bridal makeup, as she loves making her clients feel beautiful and confident in themselves.

Currently, Devyn works full-time in digital media and part-time in makeup artistry. While she does do freelance makeup work often, her main passion is doing makeup for her YouTube channel. She loves having the creative control of deciding what type of content she puts up, along with being able to share everything she loves with her viewers.

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