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If you’ve been thinking about becoming a professional makeup artist, you may be looking into one of our makeup courses. The courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know about makeup so you can become a certified makeup artist upon graduation!

If you’ve never taken a course at QC Makeup Academy, here’s what you need to know:

  • There are no deadlines or due dates and you have 3 years to complete the course
  • The average student finishes a course in 4-6 months
  • Our courses are assignment based – focusing on theory and practical application
  • Your tutors mark your course work one unit at a time
  • All learning materials can be found in the Online Student Center

Here’s a sneak peek into some of our favorite assignments! We’ve included a mix of theory and practical assignments to show you how in-depth and hands-on our courses are! Check them out:

Makeup Artistry / Master Makeup Artistry

You’ll learn all about makeup basics. This includes day and evening looks as well as bridal techniques. In our most popular course, Master Makeup Artistry, you will dive deeper with two extra units. You will learn about makeup for editorials, runway, film, television, theatre—and even an introduction to special FX!

reading skin tones

Assignment B2: Recognizing Skin Tone and Type

You can’t call yourself a professional if you’ve only mastered your own makeup! This assignment asks you to try assignment look on yourself and then a model.

For this theory-based assignment, you must first take a good quality photo of your face. Then you will fill out the answer sheet identifying your face shape, skin tone, and skin type. Make sure you explain how you arrive at every conclusion. Then, complete the process again for your model.

Why we love it: This assignment teaches you to identify the differences between yourself and other models. This can be overwhelming at first. But, it’s important to learn that everybody has different makeup needs.  Someone may have the same skin color as you, but if they have rosacea, they will need extra skin correction! Knowing these differences will allow you to apply makeup better on a variety of people.

Assignment D3: Bridal Makeup – A Virtual Consultation

This assignment takes you through the different steps of a consultation and trial. Take a clear photo of the model before makeup application. Then, complete a client card for her skin needs and recommend products to use in the trial. Next, color in the face printed onto the client card.

The third step is to actually apply makeup on your model. Make sure to take a clear “after” photo to show your tutor your technique. Finally, have your model fill out the Model Feedback Form. Take note of their feedback so you modify the look for their big day.

Why we love it: Bridal makeup is special occasion makeup. You are no longer just doing makeup that will flatter your client’s features! You must ensure that their look complements their theme, dress, bouquet, and jewelry! You may even need to apply makeup on the bride’s hands so she can take the best possible photos. A lot more will be expected of you when doing bridal makeup, so study up!

Special FX

Not just anyone can achieve realistic burns, scrapes, and bruises without injuring themselves! Our Special FX course teaches  a variety of different techniques. These include age effects, frostbite, burns,  and scars. You will also learn about working with hair and prosthetics.

special FX course assignment wounds and scrapes

Assignment C4: Creating Scrapes

If you’ve ever wanted to create a gory wound, this is the assignment for you! You begin by taking a “before” shot of your model’s clean forearm. Next, you will apply a custom blood mixture onto the skin using a sponge. The trickiest part then becomes adding dimension with thick and thin blood layers to mimic shallow and deep scrapes. The more variation, the better! Complete the assignment by taking an “after” photo in good lighting.

Why we love it: Special FX makeup isn’t quite like the rest of the courses we teach at QC Makeup Academy. Sure, we create looks that transform a person to meet their needs. But, with Special FX,  your kit contains completely different tools and products. As you may have found out from many Halloween experiences, fake blood never looks realistic only dripping from the corner of your mouth. Learn how to make it look realistic! Knowing how to do this will bring you closer to becoming a professional special FX guru.

Global Beauty

Our Global Beauty workshop focuses on working with diverse clientele. This means mastering looks from around the world! You’ll learn how to apply makeup on different skin tones (deep, golden, East Asian, Middle Eastern, and South Asian) and face shapes. The course will also teach you about the cultural variations for bridal looks. We even have a unit on applying henna!

global beauty course henna assignment

Self-study 2: Applying Henna on a Model

The unit will teach you henna body art for different cultures. You will learn the differences between North African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian application styles and designs. After this unit, you will feel prepared for any client that comes your way!

This self-study assignment doesn’t just test your drawing skills. The purpose is to become comfortable applying henna on the curves of you client’s hand. Before the actual appointment, you need to  apply a test-patch during a consultation a few days before. On the day of, apply the henna freehand with ayour pre-prepared color sealant once it’s dried. At the end of the service, teach them how to remove the paste and take care of the design in the coming days.

Why we love it: Makeup artists are expected to know the ins and outs of application. At some point in your career you will use your creativity in other ways. When the opportunity arises, you will exceed your global client’s expectations. Labeling yourself as a full-service artist will boost your salary and draw in more clients. Best of all, you can assure any client that no matter their skin type and tone, they’re in the right hands!

Have any questions about these assignments or the rest of our courses? Leave us a comment!

With so many options, it’s hard to decide which course is right for you. Check out our free brochure to get a run-down of every course at QC!

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