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Maybe you just finished your makeup certificate and you’re wondering what’s next. Of course, there are so many routes you can take with your makeup career. But as you research your options, you’ll find lots of professional MUA jobs that require more than just a basic certification. You need to set yourself apart!

So, how can a Fashion Styling course help with that? We’re going to tell you!

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You’re a one-stop-shop

Having a Fashion Styling certification and a makeup certification makes you an easy hire! Clients will see that you have the skills to help them with their whole look before an event. Plus, fashion styling is perfectly complementary to makeup artistry! You want the overall look to achieve the same effect. A neon, futuristic outfit isn’t going to look good with a Kardashian-brown smoky eye! When you help put together the concept, you’ll ensure every inch of your client reflects her vision!

You can even consider doing a Hair Styling Essentials course to brush up on hair styling. Clients will appreciate not having to run all around town before their event!

You can charge more for your services

Having more experience and education equals more money. Simple rule, right?

With your certification in Fashion Styling, not only will you be making more by attracting fashion clients, but you can charge more for all your services. Even if a client is only getting makeup done, you can charge them (a bit) more because you have more education. You invested more money into honing in on your skills. From improving your client services to strengthening your color knowledge, you’ve put in the necessary work to give clients the best experience. Increasing your prices might seem scary… but you’re worth it!

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You’ll get repeat business and loyal clients

By being able to provide multiple services to clients, they’ll want to come back. Most people think of getting their makeup professionally done as a luxury. This mentality may make it hard to get long-term clients as a MUA. But with a certification in Fashion Styling, someone who has previously gotten their makeup done by you might come back to you for styling advice in the future!

A new wardrobe isn’t built in a day! Sometimes a change in personal and/or career goals require new looks for a physical transformation to carry them through! A quick tip for getting loyal clients: offer regular clients quick, free services! Let them know you’ll help them style their special outfit when they pay you to do their makeup.

You’ll know how to make everyone feel their best

As mentioned, many people see getting their makeup professionally done as a luxury! But we know that getting your makeup done is a great way to feel pampered.

As a certified makeup artist, people will come to you to feel their best and to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin! In your Fashion Styling course, you’ll learn to work with different body types and styles. This is a great addition to your makeup skills because you can also help people find clothes that work for them!

With your knowledge of makeup and fashion, your clients will leave their appointment with a new sense of confidence! This is a win-win since you’ll get the satisfaction of helping people feel their best.

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You’ll stand out from the competition

Makeup artistry and working in the beauty industry in general can lead to rewarding careers! You get to help people feel amazing while honing your creativity and skills. Best of all, you’ll stand out from the other competing artists in your local industry.

This is the most basic benefit – but the most important in being successful! All the things we’ve mentioned in this article are going to set you apart! Offering your clients more services at competitive prices than the MUA down the street ensures you get more clients.

Psst: Did you know QC students and graduates get 50% off additional courses? That means half-price for a course that’s going to transform your career!

How do you think a Fashion Styling course will transform your career? Let us know in a comment!

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