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If you have an eye for fashion, you know how important it is to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. This is where technology can be your best friend—letting you see what fashion trends are taking the world by storm in a matter of seconds.

Whether it’s for personal use or you’re a professional fashion stylist, here are the top 5 fashion apps you’ll need to dazzle onlookers. With these apps as your secret weapons, you won’t experience the “I have nothing to wear” blues ever again!

Wardrobe apps and the best fashion apps to organize your closet

1. Pose

As a user, you can snap a quick pic of your stylish ensemble and upload it to the Pose community. Thus providing others with style inspiration, while you browse through everyone else’s uploads!

Still not sure what to wear? That dilemma is quickly solved once you select the advice section of the app. Unsure what to wear with an A-line skirt? Simple, just browse through all the cute suggested blouses and clutches to pick the look you want.

2. The Hunt

Have you ever been walking down the street and spotted the cutest dress, and suddenly HAD to know where you can get it? With Hunt, you can simply snap a picture of the clothing, post it in the app, and other Hunt users are on the case. The Hunt community will let you know where you can find the item, or better yet, a less expensive version.

Stylish woman using best fashion apps and software for wardrobes

3. Fad

The fashion industry is a whole other world—which comes with its own unique vocabulary! This is where FAD—the ultimate fashion dictionary comes to the rescue. This app works offline to provide you with explanations for more than 1,600 fashion terms. Not sure what a dirndl is? Not a problem! A quick search in FAD supplies you with a definition, and where to shop to get your hands on one. (HINT: You’ve probably seen Dirndl inspired garb at your local Oktoberfest.)

4. Polyvore

With this app at your fingertips, you’ll never be short for inspiration while getting dressed in the morning. You can scroll through other member’s collages or browse the app’s own collection for thousands of ideas. You can also scroll through individual pieces and mix and match items to create your very own look.

5. Lyst

This app acts as your own personal shopper by allowing you to select your favorite brands, consequently personalizing your newsfeed. From there, simply scroll through and choose any item your heart desires; the app will notify you when the article goes on sale.

Women gossiping about the best fashion apps to download for your wardrobe

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