When it comes to building your makeup artistry kit, it's okay to start small!

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QC’s Guide to Building Your Makeup Artistry & Master Makeup Artistry Kit—Part 2

Last week we took you through what should be included in your professional makeup artistry kit once you’re a seasoned veteran. But first, you have to think about what you’ll need right now for your courses! On top of your bonus makeup kit, you’ll need a few extra tools to complete your assignments and start building your kit.

Curious to know exactly what you’ll need for your QC Makeup Academy Makeup Artistry or Master Makeup Artistry course? We’ve listed the products you’ll need per unit. And of course any time you use the products in your kits, you’ll also need to bring out your trusty stash of makeup brushes and tools!

Note: Unit A is your introductory unit to makeup artistry and will focus on theory-based assignments.

Makeup Artistry & Master Makeup Artistry: Unit B

In this unit, you’ll be learning foundational techniques such as identifying skin and face types, basic makeup application, and corrective makeup. You’ll also have the opportunity to do some optional business units—you won’t be needing your makeup kit for these, though!

Makeup Artistry and Master Makeup Artistry Unit B: Basic Makeup Application

You’ll need:

Makeup Artistry & Master Makeup Artistry: Unit C

In this unit, you’ll be learning how to do complete looks. These looks will cover different criteria so your application skills and makeup tools will change from assignment to assignment.

Makeup Artistry and Master Makeup Artistry Unit C: Dramatic Makeup

You’ll need:

Makeup Artistry & Master Makeup Artistry: Unit D

This is the final unit in the Makeup Artistry course! In this unit, you’ll learn about bridal makeup and current makeup trends to round-off your makeup artistry skills. After this unit, you’re all set to go out and practice makeup on your own. If you chose the Master Makeup Artistry course, you’ll refine your skills some more in 2 additional units (we’ll talk about those next!).

Makeup Artistry and Master Makeup Artistry Unit D: Bridal Makeup

You’ll need:

*The color selection will depend on the looks you decide to create

Master Makeup Artistry: Unit E

In this unit, you’ll be focusing on editorial and high fashion looks. For example, you’ll learn how to do makeup for photography, how to complement a fashion designer’s work with your makeup, and even how to create breathtaking fantasy looks!

Master Makeup Artistry Unit E: Fantasy Makeup

You’ll need:

*The products you use will depend on your fantasy makeup creations. Consider items like cosmetic glitter, greasepaints, water-activated pigments (ex. Kryolan’s Aquacolor products), false eyelashes, etc.

Master Makeup Artistry: Unit F

The final unit for Master Makeup Artistry students! In this unit, you’ll explore how to do makeup in the entertainment industry—specifically in theatre, film, and television! You’ll learn how to work on set with production crews and performers, and how to bring characters to life using your makeup skills.

Master Makeup Artistry Unit F: Theater Makeup

You’ll need:

You can work with industry-standard stage makeup from brands like Mehron, Visiora, Kryolan, and RCMA, or, if you’re looking for budget-friendly options…

Pro Tip: Get creative with the products you have!

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