Your Career as a Makeup Artist

Start your career as a makeup artist once you graduate from QC Makeup Academy’s online makeup school. Become a makeup artist in film, television, theatre, fashion, and more! Start your own makeup artistry business, or find jobs with cosmetic brands and in salons.

Become a makeup artist in New York or Los Angeles with online makeup classes

Meet QC Makeup Academy Graduates

Check out the amazing talent of QC’s graduates! Remember that you too can become a professional makeup artist. Find out which of QC’s online makeup classes helped them achieve success.

View the websites and social media profiles of QC’s professional makeup graduates!

Sharon Puffenberger
Ohio, USA
QC Graduate: Master Makeup Artistry course
website facebook instagram

Yarrellys Ruiz
Florida, USA
QC Student: Master Makeup Artistry course
website facebook instagram

Melissa Robinson
Turks and Caicos Islands
QC Student: Master Makeup Artistry course
website instagram

Vanessa Pressacco
Alberta, Canada
QC Graduate: Master Makeup Artistry course
website facebook

Onakoya Oluwajoba
Lagos, Nigeria
QC Student: Master Makeup Artistry course
website facebook

Graduate Feature

“Being a makeup artist allows me to express what I feel internally to the outer world. I can create anything and everything that comes to mind … I get to share in the excitement with my clients when they get to see themselves in a different light. I feel most alive when I am creating.”

—Vanessa Pressacco, Master Makeup Artistry Graduate

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Start Your Makeup Business

QC Makeup Academy helps you become a successful makeup artist and business owner. Your makeup artistry courses include optional business training to help you succeed. Learn how to start your makeup business as a freelance makeup artist, or open your own beauty salon!

  • You’ll learn how to register your company and how to find clients. Plus, you’ll learn how to create your own makeup website, logo, and business cards!
  • QC teaches you how to build your business, how much to charge for makeup services, and trains you in social media marketing.

    *The Pro Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, and Portfolio Development workshops do not include business training. These workshops are designed for professional makeup artists looking to complement skills gained from courses such as QC’s Makeup Artistry or Master Makeup Artistry courses.

    Extra Resources at QC’s Online Makeup School

    In addition to excellent learning materials, QC Makeup Academy gives you valuable resources for your makeup artistry career. Advance your makeup business and refine your skills with QC’s exclusive online tools!

    Enroll in QC’s online makeup classes for lifetime access to:

    Essential business templates

    QC’s Beauty Buzz blog for advice and makeup trends

    The Online Student Center for career resources

    QC’s Professional Makeup Profile Builder

    Exclusive Makeup Discounts

    The Makeup Student Forum for networking

    And more!

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    Your Career as a Makeup Artist

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