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Social media is more than just a way to keep in touch with friends. It’s a powerful tool for businesses everywhere. Instagram is an important part of your personal brand as a makeup artist – many even dub it as the new makeup artist’s portfolio!

As a makeup artist, social media is a great place to get things done. You can network, stay updated on trends and products, find inspiration, build your brand, and much more. Perfecting the art of Instagram can be the key to running a successful makeup business! Here are some Instagram accounts we’re following right now!

Charlotte Tilbury @ctilburymakeup

Charlotte Tilbury works with every A-list celebrity from Elton John to Rihanna, and everyone in between. She is a veteran to the makeup game. Published on the covers of Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, and more, her Instagram looks like a magazine layout in itself. It is simply stunning!

Tilbury has her own boudoir-inspired makeup and skincare lines. These products come in rose gold packaging. They are an example of expert brand marketing. If your dream is to one day be a professional makeup artist, look to Tilbury for your #makeupgoals! As Tilbury herself would say, “Darling, welcome to her universe.”

She is definitely a must-follow!

Robin Black @beautyisboring_

Looking for inspiration? Look no further than the talented Robin Black. She’s a makeup artist and a photographer. And darned good at both! Black is the founder and Chief Creative Officer for the website BEAUTY IS BORING. It offers “a visual adventure into aspirational yet inclusive beauty”. This is just a fancy way of saying it’s like heaven for makeup lovers everywhere!

On the website you can find makeup videos, product reviews, photo shoots, and more! In Robin Black fashion, the website follows a simplistic black and white design. This helps draw attention to the beauty of the models she photographs.

Robin Black is a true inspiration. She went to college for biochemistry and fine art. Clearly, it’s never too late to start building a makeup career!

Fiona Stiles @fionastiles

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Ever wish for someone whose sole purpose was to save you time and money? Need someone to test out different makeup brands to recommend only the best products? There is. And her name is Fiona Stiles.

Stiles is a self-proclaimed makeup obsesser and beauty hunter. She created the website Reed Clarke to offer a list of hard-to-find and expertly tested products. You can find many of for skin, hair, and makeup on her Instagram account! Stiles is a professional makeup artist and has worked with the likes of David Bowie and Madonna. Her Instagram is full of high-fashion editorial makeup looks that are to die for.

TATCHA Beauty @tatcha

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Every makeup artist knows that a great look starts with great skin. TATCHA is a skincare brand created to possess the powers of classical Japanese beauty secrets. The company philosophy – less is more – comes from an ancient text considered to be the oldest beauty book in Japan. TATCHA products contain only the finest quality ingredients like gold, silk, and pearl.

TATCHA is a company that understands the art of aesthetic. Their products will be the most elegant items you’ve ever purchased. Lotions come packaged in white, lavender, and turquoise with delicate gold and pink accents. The company’s Instagram feed is just as beautiful! Definitely one to follow if you love skincare as much as we do!

Did we mention that QC now offers a specialized skincare course for makeup artists? Check it out now!

Mario Dedivanovic @makeupbymario

Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit, the Kardashians are good at starting trends. Kylie’s lip kits – need I say more? She’s not really a Kardashian, but the popularity of her lip kits goes to show just how much the sisters dominate the makeup game.

When there is a team of professional makeup artists by your side, it might be easy to always look good. Makeup artists that follow Kim K and her sisters are the best of the best. A large part of Kardashian makeup fame is because of Mario Dedivanovic – a man who understands what it means to keep up with the Kardashians.

Dedivanovic is “arguably the most influential makeup artist in the world”. He built his career when working as the makeup artist for their reality TV show. The man created the contouring craze, so it’s obvious why people praise him for “redefining beauty in the age of social media”.

He has quickly become one of the most profitable artists in the industry and works with other big name celebrities like Tyra Banks, Gabriele Union, Megan Fox, and Chrissy Teigen. Rumors say that Dedivanovic receives seven boxes full of makeup daily. Imagine what his Instagram feed must look like!

Nathan Johnson @nathanwalnut

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Nathan Johnson is a celebrity makeup artist based in New York City. He has worked with over 300 famous faces like Paula Abdul, Alicia Keys, and Lea Michele. Johnson has been published by almost every major magazine – Elle, Glamour, and more. He insists that his passion lies in bringing out the beauty and confidence in the everyday woman.

Johnson worked as a makeup artist for two seasons of Project Runway. He says he’s blessed to be educating and helping the next generation of makeup artists. Not only is he a great person, his Instagram is filled with uplifting messages that will push you towards your goals!

Johnson is also QC’s Executive Makeup Artist. Are you looking to learn makeup from a passionate person that cares for his students? You’re looking in the right place! Nathan takes you through step-by-step tutorials as you learn the most advanced makeup techniques. He goes above and beyond by providing students with personal feedback on their work. This will help you grow as a makeup artist and an individual!

Go follow Nathan for some uplifting inspiration!

Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or already running your own business, improving your Instagram can help you find success. These are just a few of the profiles killing the social media game right now. Maybe you’ll be next!

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