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Social media has become a must for every business’s online presence, and makeup artists are no different! Making sure you are actively promoting yourself online is the easiest way to network and find new clients.

But when it comes to your portfolio, how much of your original work should be featured on Instagram? Should you create a separate account for your makeup business? Is it appropriate to show potential clients?

Find out how you should be using Instagram as a professional makeup artist to build your brand!

Compliment Your Portfolio

Instagram is a great way to gain new followers and clients since you can easily show them what you’re made of! But you should also always be prepared with a professional portfolio, either on your website or in print, to bring to client consultations. Without a professional portfolio, you’re aimlessly informing your clients on what you can do – Instagram doesn’t let you organize your photos on the go!

So yes, keeping your Instagram active to show your makeup techniques is a big step forward in the creation of your social media presence. However, when it comes to applying for makeup jobs or working on clients, always have your true portfolio on hand. This way you can bring up Instagram as a complimentary collection of your “fun” work!

Avoid Filters

If you don’t yet have a business website, your Instagram should be of the utmost quality and professionalism. This is where people will go first (along with Facebook) to check out your talent. With an easily accessible photo collection, you want to show your best work in the best light – literally!

Take photos in good lighting – natural light is always best – and with a quality camera. You shouldn’t be using an old blurry cellphone camera to capture your hard work. A modern cellphone is perfectly fine, and having a professional camera is even better. Take clear photos of your makeup looks, and upload them WITHOUT filters. Just like you would for your makeup course assignments!

Networking Potential

One area to take advantage of with your makeup Instagram page is networking! Don’t get caught up in your “Follower/Following” ratio – be sure to follow up-and-coming makeup artists, local makeup artists, celebrity makeup artists, and cosmetic brands. You need to be on top of new trends and techniques emerging in the industry, and keeping up with other artists is the best way to learn and find inspiration.

And yes, it may sound strange to follow your local competition – but there’s also the potential to learn from others close to you. You may also get the chance to team up with another artist to work on a big project, which will help boost both of your businesses!

Promote, don’t demote.

Video Snippets and Engagement

If you’ve moved to a digital portfolio in the past few years, you’ve probably embraced the creative side of things. Using video snippets of the process and the final look can add a great deal to your portfolio. The video keeps people engaged with your content and brings something new to the table.

Instagram is the place to be when it comes to quick tutorials and video snippets (thanks, Boomerang!). Take this on as a regular project to spice up your Instagram page. Videos are more engaging than photos – although you should keep posting photos, as well. This is a very simple way to inspire others and create an engaged following that craves your next post!

Beware: Don’t Mix and Match!

Never, ever, ever use your personal Instagram profile as your business account. You wouldn’t believe how many people do this – but it can have a negative effect on potential job opportunities! It’s completely fine to show your clients a glimpse of your life and let them get to know you through social media. However, you still need to separate your personal life from your work life when it comes to social profiles.

An employer or client doesn’t want to know what you were up to on August 17th, 2014 – or any other time, for that matter! They want to see your makeup artistry and a professional façade that shows how dependable you really are. Save the personal posts for your friends and family!

Using Instagram can be a blessing or a curse. But when used properly, it can boost your following and allow your makeup looks to go viral! Be sure to analyze every post you plan on publishing. It goes a long way in making sure your brand has a professional and up-to-date image!

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