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So, you’ve successfully completed a makeup course, and have obtained your makeup certification. Congratulations – this is a seriously amazing accomplishment, and one that you should be very proud of! While the studying and assignments may be finished for now, you still need to leverage that certification in order to find the best possible job.

So how do you ensure that your makeup certification works for you? We’ve put some helpful tips together to get you started, so read on and make the most of your achievement!

1. Update your portfolio

In the makeup industry, word of mouth is very powerful, and good news travels quickly! If you allow a client to look and feel their best, and ensure that they trust you throughout the process, you’ll be amazed at the new clients that will seek out your services as a result. However, as important as word of mouth is, a potential client will be unlikely to hire you based on words alone. They’ll need to see some proof that you’re capable of not only meeting their specific expectations, but can also go above and beyond with your techniques.

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This is where your makeup portfolio comes in! As a visual showcase, your portfolio will show potential clients what you’ve done previously, as well as what you’re capable of, and the best part? You can include work from your makeup course, as well as the feedback and grade you received! Since makeup courses are so heavily focused on hands-on application and visual assignments, you’ll have a collection of images to choose from when you build your portfolio, and can show potential clients that you’re not only certified, but you have a great deal of practice under your belt as a makeup school graduate.

As long as you’re showcasing your best work so far, rest assured that your portfolio will speak for itself and allow your skills and talent to shine through!

2. Tell people about your makeup certification

If you’ve earned your makeup certification, you’ve put in some long hours of study and practice. You likely had to step slightly out of your comfort zone to find makeup models, and your skin became thicker as you received constructive feedback from your tutors.

Guess what? You have bragging rights!

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While we don’t recommend being boastful about your makeup certification, you should by no means keep it a secret. If you find yourself at networking events (and we highly recommend seeking them out as a way to build connections), be sure to mention which certification you received and the institution you attended. You never know – you may find yourself in the company of fellow graduates or students, or meet potential clients who may not know much about the school you attended or the skills you learned as a result. Plus, talking about your accomplishments as a makeup artist is a wonderful exercise in helping you build the confidence you need in this role. You don’t need to be arrogant or boastful, of course, but it’s important to know your worth and to celebrate a huge accomplishment such as becoming certified, as you have an edge over your fellow makeup artists and are prepared for success. Speaking of ways to tell people about your makeup certification….

3. Share your school’s badge

We’re sure that your makeup certification has been framed and carefully displayed, but why not take things one step further? Most makeup schools will offer their graduates a logo or badge that they can display in order to share their accomplishments with others in their network.

If you’ve never obtained a school badge before, you’re likely wondering exactly where it could go. When it comes to leveraging your makeup certification to find a great job, a logo or badge is a fabulous tool. Place it on your resume, cover letter, email signature, and website in order to show potential employers and clients alike where you obtained your training. You should be proud of the knowledge and skills you now have, and this pride will shine through when you add your school’s badge to your job search. After all, you’re not going to attach your makeup certification to job applications!

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Pro Tip: Contact your school if you’re interested in obtaining a graduate badge. These can usually be found in an online student center or simply by sending a quick email. Believe us, they’ll be thrilled to help you out, and to be proudly displayed!

4. Build your online image

This is a big one! Your makeup certification is hugely important, of course, but personal branding also plays a large role in your successes. You want people to know about your services as a makeup artist, but you also want them to remember you. This really begins with a strong, positive online reputation that is regularly managed. As a first step, we recommend finding out which information about you is already online, and this can be done through a simple Google search. Once you know what’s already out there, you can then delete any old profiles, perhaps change the privacy settings on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts so you can separate personal from professional, and filter through your list of followers and friends.

The exercises above will allow you to clear out any information or photos that may project the wrong impression to potential clients or employers. We recommend changing your current social media profiles to professional ones that showcase your skills and knowledge (and makeup certification!) and allowing people to get to know who you are and what you can offer. Remember to be consistent with your brand or business name, and craft a brand that instills confidence in your clients and audience.

Interested in getting your makeup certification? Find out what it is, how you can get one, and how it will jumpstart your career!

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