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As with everything in life, you can’t get the good stuff without the bad. The road to your makeup artistry certification will comprise of many highs and lows. The highs include receiving your free makeup kit in the mail and swatching the pigmented shadows all over your arms. And the lows? Not achieving that A+ right out of the gate.

Some things can get better with practice, like your makeup skills, but other things are real struggles that you can’t always remedy by putting in more time and effort.

Keep reading for our list of the struggles you’ll 100% encounter when attending a makeup school online.

When you have to balance your education with work

You’re likely attending makeup school online because you want to follow your passion while accommodating a busy schedule. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your makeup classes online or off, you’ll still have to make time to read, study, do assignments, and practice. If you’re having trouble balancing this with work, make sure you have an agenda to schedule when you’ll need to do what. It makes it easy to track your progress and find free time to do work rather than storing everything in your head!

When you still have to buy your makeup

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Much to our chagrin, not many things are free in this world! You still have to stock and replenish your makeup kit yourself. Luckily, students can get professional makeup discounts from many stores and brands that help alleviate the costs. These discounts can’t help us out all the time, though. We all know the incredible pain of having to fork over our rent check and budget for groceries just as another Naked palette is released.

When you don’t have any motivation

It’s not always easy to get up every morning energetic and motivated to do your course work. Somedays it’s easy to get started and others… well, we just want to curl up in bed with a bad movie and a nice cup of tea. Motivating yourself is difficult if you don’t love what you’re doing or if your school doesn’t provide you with enough support – but there are ways to bounce back from a slump!

Try rewarding yourself after accomplishing a unit or task, or sharing your progress with friends on social media to keep yourself accountable.

When your internet goes out

You have to be decently computer savvy to take a makeup course online, but some things you can’t fix. Maybe there’s a storm outside or perhaps last month’s internet bill got buried in your contour palettes…

The one real obstacle (besides yourself) when it comes to working online is that you may not always have the best internet connection. The one upside if you do lose your connection, is that your online course is flexible without any due dates for assignments. This means that you can just resume your work later on with no penalties!

When your friends are far, far away

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You can absolutely make friends online who share your passion for makeup. But it sucks when you can’t grab a post-class coffee when your friend lives across the world! While it can be a huge bummer sometimes, it’s still awesome to be able to learn about burgeoning makeup trends around the world! It also makes meet-ups incredibly exciting when you’ve been following each other on social media for a while.

When you can’t blame the weather

If you didn’t meet a deadline for a class, you don’t really have anyone else to point the finger at but yourself. You can’t blame any late assignments on a snow-day or the fact that your dog ate your homework when you’re working online and at home. If you’re feeling uninspired or you just couldn’t get around to finishing off that makeup for mature skin assignment, don’t worry! There’s no need for excuses, just get to it when you can.

When you have to call tech support

You’re probably the tech support of your family and the first person your grandparents turn to when they finally want to learn “email”. Some issues are fairly simple fixes but it’s not always the case. Imagine spending 6 hours crafting a look for the student showcase. And right after you take the photos and remove your makeup, your computer crashes and the photo disappears!

Don’t be caught by surprise. Make sure you always back-up your work on a hard drive or on cloud storage!

Online makeup training has many benefits. But some online makeup academies can actually hurt your career… check out these red flags and avoid these makeup schools!

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