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Whether you’re pursuing a career as a makeup artist or you’re just passionate about makeup in general, you’re tuned into the latest trends. You spend a great deal of time digging through beauty blogs, checking out Instagram, and hanging around Sephora, educating yourself on the latest techniques and products.

But have you ever branched out into the trends that are making waves around the world? While it’s important to have your finger on the pulse of makeup trends in your own country, there are some amazing global makeup trends to be familiar with – check out four that we are totally obsessed with!

3D Lashes


We are huge supporters of false lashes – they’re dramatic, full, and give serious “oomph!” to a makeup look. But one size does not fit all when it comes to this trend, and different cultures have put their own spin on things.

Russia, in particular, has taken the trend to an entirely new level with its layering technique, which involves fastening ultra-fine fake lashes onto a single natural lash. Think of it as placing a bouquet of natural, soft lashes onto each of your individual lashes, resulting in a volume ratio of 6:1 instead of 1:1.

Now that’s some serious drama.

Ombré Eyebrows


Never underestimate the importance of good eyebrows! If styled too thin, they can add years to a face, while more voluminous brows will create a younger look. When it comes to youthful makeup looks, Brazil is a country obsessed with looking younger, so it would naturally follow that they can take full credit for the ombré eyebrow trend.

While filling in your brows can make you look younger, ombré actually does so in a natural way. This ensures that the brows are not one solid block of color, and the hue is lightest on the hairs closest to the nose, with the darkest area closer to the arch of the brow.

We love this trend because it’s totally achievable at home, and looks professional!

White Henna

United Arab Emirates

We’ve been obsessed with henna for years, as have many makeup aficionados! Covering different parts of the body in art that looks similar to diamonds has always been popular with women around the world, especially for occasions such as weddings.

The latest trend, however, takes henna to a whole new level – lace is the texture of choice in the United Arab Emirates, and truly creates a look that is delicate, feminine, and simply beautiful. This henna is actually white, as well, so it looks realistic and is perfect for weddings and other celebrations. The idea of having lace painted onto our hands and arms is heavenly, and we hope that this is one global makeup technique that sticks around!

Lipstick Powder


When it comes to futuristic makeup, is there any product more impressive than lipstick powder? We don’t think so! The brainchild of Korean brand RiRe Cosmetics, lipstick powder actually goes on smoothly when applied to the lips, liquefying and boasting some serious lasting power (12 hours!). It’s sold in small containers that are totally portable (and adorable) and you can choose from several different shades ranging from browns to pinks and reds.

This product has us so obsessed because it’s different than the usual tubes of lipstick and lip gloss found at every makeup counter. We love that it’s a powder, so it’s unique in terms of its texture and feel, but goes on the lips just like a regular lip gloss would. So innovative!

Contrasting Eyes


It can be tricky to find a perfect color for your eyes – after all, there are tons of choices out there and not all of them suit your personality and eye color! Makeup artists in India are well aware of this challenge, and the latest trend in this country to catch fire quickly has been contrasting eye makeup colors. A feminine, pastel-colored hue is applied to the lid (a pink, soft purple, light blue, or green) while a strong, bold eyeliner color is applied as a contrast to the lid color (think electric blue, shocking pink, or bright yellow).

Not only is this trend extremely creative, but it’s also flattering for those who wear it properly. The contrasting colors make a huge statement and draw attention to the eyes in a way that a regular smoky eye or heavily-lined look simply wouldn’t. This look has us excited and inspired by its unique, colorful application.

Bright, Intense Lips


Oranges and reds are shades that are easy to associate with Mexico. For a country with such a strong flavor and culture, it would make sense that bright shades of lipstick are all the rage. We love this global beauty trend because it opens up the face, brings a splash of color that cannot be achieved with any other feature, and allows you to have fun! It’s important to note that these colorful lipsticks are worn in matte finishes and several coats of mascara are used to complete the overall look.

We are totally on board with a look that emphasizes the lips and also takes eyes to new dramatic levels while keeping the focus on a bright lip color.

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