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Happy Thursday, beauty lovers! QC student Stephanie Wyatt is back with another video. This time, she takes us through a 5-pair pack of QC’s false eyelashes. Check out her video to see Stephanie try on (and show off) each pair!

The lowdown on the lashes

Each pack includes five pairs of false eyelashes. As Stephanie shows us, they range from providing dramatic volume to a little natural boost. Since the lashes don’t come with glue, she used her own Benefit Lash Glue to apply them.

To start off, she went for the most dramatic pair (go big or go home, right?). She dabbed on a line of glue, then waited a few seconds for the glue to get a little tacky. To apply, she placed the lashes as close as possible to her natural lash line. It’s tricky work, so she grabbed a pair of tweezers to stick them right in place.

Test them out yourself!

Want to try some of these lashes out for yourself? Well, you’re in luck! From now until August 1, every student who enrolls in one of our online makeup courses will receive this same 5-pair set of professional false eyelashes—for free! Just like Stephanie’s pack, yours will include five different styles of lashes, ranging from a natural full body lash to a full-on glamour lash. Properly cared for, each lash pair can be reused up to 10 times!

Land your own 5-pair set of professional lashes when you enroll today!

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