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Not sure which eyeshadow finish is right for your look? We’ll help you narrow down the choices based on your lifestyle and which makeup trends are your go-to. Every girl needs a proper eye makeup palette—both for everyday wear and for a special night out. This post will help you find the eyeshadow finish that fits your personality best!

Matte eye shadow for a simple cut crease makeup look


The ideal finish for the most natural look is a matte eyeshadow. Matte shadow is also good for layering and blending colors if you’re tired of neutral tones. This finish is suitable for everyday wear, and works well as a crease color. Give your eye dimension with a soft brown, or add color to your lid to liven up your makeup! A matte palette is essential for every makeup artist’s kit. You can also use matte shadows as liner or to fill in brows!


This is a personal favorite, and a finish that looks good on everyone. Shimmer eyeshadow is beautiful because it gives you a soft shine without overdoing it. Shimmer is perfect for any occasion, especially for parties or a meetup with friends.

It gives off an effortless vibe but still has that “wow” factor you’re aiming for. Light shimmer shadows also work well as a highlighter, so sweep some onto your brow bones and down the center of your nose to create the coveted strobe effect.


Let’s start strong with the most noticeable eyeshadow finish on the market: glitter. Everyone loves glitter, but it’s more of a special occasion makeup finish. Glitter adds a lot of glamour and sparkle to your look. Wearing a glitter eye for an evening out will make your makeup pop!

Use glitter shadow sparingly, though. You can always add more if you want to, but removing glitter can be daunting. Usually, there’s more noticeable fallout with glitter eyeshadow so be careful when applying! Try doing your eye makeup first (or just your eyeshadow, at least) before the rest of your makeup goes on. If there is extra fallout, wipe it away before applying your foundation. Going for a smoky eye? Put a darker shade with a glitter finish in the center of the lid to add drama.

Glitter and metallic eyeshadow looks


For the bold girls out there, you need to try a metallic eyeshadow. Metallic finishes gives you a hint of glamour that’s both elegant and fun. You’ll get the effect of silver, gold, bronze, and colorful metallics! Metallic eyeshadows work for a night out, or as a light application to make your eyes stand out throughout the day. Another advantage to metallic shadows: a lot of them come as a cream, which is easy to apply and you can build pigment as you see fit.

Create a mermaid-inspired look with emerald and blue shades in a metallic finish. This look is daring and sweet, which is perfect for a night on the town.


If you’re a one-shade kind of girl, a satin finish is perfect for your eye makeup. Satin isn’t as flat as matte shadow, but also doesn’t stand out as much as shimmery or metallic shades do. It meets somewhere in the middle for a light shine and a silky, powdery texture (which is wonderful to apply). Satin finishes usually have a good pigment density so you can sweep it on and go. You’ll look put-together in a flash with this finish!

Eye shadow finishes for going out

Can’t decide on which eyeshadow finish you should stick to? Luckily, there’s tons of eye palettes that come with multiple shadow finishes. They might be more expensive up front, but you’ll definitely get more bang for your buck with versatile palettes. And hey, you even get the chance to change up your eye makeup look more often!

And now for the lips! Pair your eye shadow of choice with the right lipstick finish!

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