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Celebrity makeup artist, Nathan Johnson (@nathanwalnut), is QC Makeup Academy’s Executive Makeup Artist. This month, we asked Nathan which makeup techniques should be put to rest in 2017. Read on for his top cringe worthy makeup trends!

Makeup is an awesome thing. There are millions of different application techniques readily available and more being born every day. Some techniques are amazing and can really make magic, while others might not be quite so spectacular. A technique that makes a killer statement in an editorial, on the red carpet, or in a fashion show, might not be meant to see the light of day beyond that.

Other times, no matter how much you might love it, you have to surrender that out of date trend you’ve been milking. As an artist, and a lover of makeup, it’s important to know what’s flattering, what isn’t, and when to put trends to bed.

Since we are over halfway through 2017, it’s high time we finally bury some makeup techniques that died long, long ago.

Professional Eyebrow Techniques for Makeup Artists

Over Done Eyebrows

When brows look like they were drawn on with a sharpie, are dramatically over-defined, or are penciled in too close between the eyes, it is not flattering.

The eyebrows are meant to create a beautiful frame for the face. They pop the cheekbones, frame the eyes, and enhance the whole face. If your application makes the brows falsely heavy, overly dramatic, or just look like rogue caterpillars, it’s time to get a refresher on proper brow shaping and application.

The fastest way to steal focus from a beautiful woman with a beautiful makeup application is a poorly applied, monstrous brow.

The Dead Body, Nude Lip

Top Makeup Trends and Techniques for Makeup Artists

A nude lip is all the rage, and it’s spectacular when it is done right. The big problem is too many people make the lip too nude (or use a shade with too cool of an undertone for their client’s skin). This beauty blunder strips the color from the face in a very unflattering way that is reminiscent of a dead body.

If you finish your makeup application and your client looks like they need CPR, the fastest way to change that is to add a touch of warmth, or go up one or two shades in that nude. Once you train your eye to see this, you’ll be shocked at how many people are wearing the MOST unflattering colors!

Remember, a trend is not done right if it makes you look hideous (or barely alive)…that’s why so many nude shades exist. It’s not one shade fits all, so be sure to choose carefully.

The Kardashian Contour

The sheer enormity of Kim Kardashian’s fame has had some amazing effects on the world of makeup, fashion, and celebrity as a whole. And, her contouring has become a thing of legend – so much so that every budding makeup artists who stalks YouTube and Instagram believes that type of contouring is a part of basic makeup application, and is appropriate for every client.

Newsflash: Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous women in the world. She is followed by cameras 24 hours a day. One bad picture goes right to the tabloids and rumors start. She has to look her best, from every angle, in every lighting, all the time. To make that happen, she contours way more than the average person ever should.

You and your client are not the most famous woman in the world. You are not followed by cameras, and you don’t need to paint yourself into someone you are not. And guess what, 95% of paying clients don’t want to be painted into someone else. Basic contouring will enhance features. It will straighten crooked noses and give a pop to the cheeks. That is amazing, and always looks appropriate.

How to contour with makeup professionally

But the sort of contouring that leaves brown streaks on the side of the face and along the jaw and hairline is not. To make people believe that they need to be completely reshaped and turned into someone they are not does not speak very highly of the beauty industry, or the artists who push that concept of beauty. Practice soft contouring and watch how spectacular your clients look.

Just because you see something on the red carpet, fashion week, an editorial, or on YouTube doesn’t mean you should be doing it on yourself and your clients. Before falling victim to a trend you’ll regret when you see the pictures later, test it out on yourself in the mirror and ask two very simple questions: Is this flattering? Does it enhance my features and put focus where I want it?

If you are a certified makeup artist, and really understand focus and enhancement, you’ll quickly know whether or not the trend should be rocked or rolled into the closest trash can!

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