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Every makeup artist will run into a tricky situation now and again, but there are a few common problems that come up all too often! It’s time we lay out the makeup business blunders that every artist will run into at least once in their career.

Read on to find out the top business mistakes that a professional makeup artist can make!

Forgetting Your Cards

Business cards exist for a reason – to help you get your name out there! Whether you’re heading to a networking event or working on a new client, forgetting your business cards is a huge hassle.

Yes, you can still give out your contact information, but it looks so much less professional. Plus, you lose the credibility of having a brand logo and image (which can be memorable!). Business cards represent who you are as a brand owner – without your business cards, you’re just another makeup artist.

Never leave home without your business cards. These are your key to keeping in touch with clients, and gaining referrals!

Just Diving In

Especially for makeup artists who are just starting out, it can be tempting to just dive right into a makeup application without discussing the look with your client. This is a huge makeup no-no! Without a discussion ahead of time, you can miss out on valuable information, like your client’s skin type and preferred makeup looks.

As a practicing makeup artist, you have your signature style. But it’s still important to let your client’s own style influence the final look. Since everyone is different, the most important thing for you to do is make your client happy.

Give them what they want, after you learn about their features and preferences!

Giving Too Many Discounts

We know it can be difficult charging full price to people you know – but if you end up giving out too many discounts, you risk devaluing your professional makeup services!

If you’re inclined to give a discount, make sure it’s someone that you know will be a returning client. There should always be rewards for customer loyalty! And, if it happens to be someone you know, make sure they aren’t fishing for discounts. You’ve worked hard to become a certified makeup artist, and your salary should reflect that – don’t feel guilty for charging what you’re worth.

Charging Too Little

This goes hand-in-hand with giving out too many discounts. You need to know what the standard pricing is for makeup artists in your area and stick with it. This is your career, and you need to make a living. If someone feels your prices are too high, they can find a less-experienced makeup artist to do the job (but make sure your prices are reasonable first!).

Changing Your Business Name

Now, we should start out by saying that it is okay to change your business name and brand image. However, this shouldn’t be a monthly thing! How are your clients supposed to find you if you keep changing your makeup artist business?

As well, changing your business name too often can give off a vibe that you’re indecisive – definitely not a quality people look for in a makeup artist! Think carefully and throw around some ideas before settling on your makeup business name. It represents who you are, after all!

Being a Copycat

Copying makeup looks can be murky territory. On one hand, most of the looks out there have been done in one form or another, and using these to inspire your own makeup applications is just fine. But on the other hand, following another makeup artist’s unique looks and designs is not cool.

Makeup artists are just like any other type of artist – they work hard to develop new looks and fit them onto their client’s features. When you’re looking for inspiration, be sure that you’re always putting your own spin on things. This will distinguish you and show off your creativity!

Taking Bad Makeup Photos

Ugh. This one is the absolute worst, and probably the crime most committed. Trust us – we’ve done it too!

Taking bad photos of your makeup applications is one of the worst mistakes a makeup artist makes. And yes, almost every artist will! Unless you’ve tried your hand at photography, you’re probably used to the iPhone camera. Even though these photos look good on a small phone screen, they’re definitely NOT good enough quality for your makeup portfolio.

A professional makeup artist’s portfolio is a showcase of their best work. Why sacrifice showing off your talents by using low-quality photos? Whether you’re going to invest in your own quality camera, or you know some photographers that would like to collaborate, start taking good makeup photos ASAP!

Being Stagnant

Okay, so this isn’t the worst thing you can do as a makeup artist…but it doesn’t really help your business grow, either. Being stagnant in your career can vary from sticking to the same types of clients, or not challenging yourself to learn anything new. Whichever direction it takes, you need to get out of this rut if you want your makeup career to thrive!

You should always keep learning as a makeup artist. The industry is ever-changing, from new trends to tools to techniques, and you should be on top of everything that happens. Not only does this demonstrate your passion for makeup artistry, but it also shows your dedication to giving your clients the very best advice and services.

So keep learning, keep growing, and never give up. There’s a lot to learn in the field of makeup artistry – and your makeup business can push past any challenges you face!

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