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Certified makeup artists love the idea of being busy โ€“ more clients bring more income and experience! But with a busy career as a makeup artist comes the need to be extremely organized. If you’re on the move every day with your makeup kit in hand, you need to think ahead to avoid disaster.

Packing too many products and forgetting about hygiene are just two of the worst ways to pack your professional makeup kit. Read on for some truly terrible packing practices for makeup artists, and know what to avoid the next time you take your makeup skills on the road!

1. Don’t prepare

You’re a busy makeup professional, so how could you possibly have time to get to know your client ahead of their appointment? The idea of an initial consultation is highly beneficial, but you’d prefer to just wing it in order to save time for other appointments.

However, not knowing details such as the color scheme of the event your client is attending, or her usual makeup routine will result in a professional makeup kit that is, without a doubt, overflowing and full of products you won’t even use.

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Avoid this hassle by getting to know as much about your client ahead of time as you can โ€“ you’ll look seriously professional if your makeup kit is organized with exactly what you need, plus some extra color and product options just in case!

2. Throw all your products into one kit

When you’re on the move, it makes total sense to have all of your different makeup products in one place, right? Makeup palettes, lip glosses, brushes, and mascara can all be piled up in one convenient case so you’ll have everything at your fingertips. Also, your client will see that you can save time (and space!) efficiently by keeping everything together.

Full disclosure: Your client is not going to be impressed to see that your makeup palettes are buried underneath brushes, and that you have to dig and dig for that specific tube of mascara they desire. Not only does this show that you’re unprepared and scatterbrained, it also raises questions of hygiene.

Makeup brushes should not be rattling around next to powders, tubes of lip gloss and other products that could soil them. Your makeup client wants to see that your makeup kit is operated just like an organized studio, which will make them feel valued and well-cared for.

3. Forget hygiene and first aid

You’re highly skilled in makeup artistry, so you won’t run into any issues. No need to stock your professional makeup kit with items like hand sanitizer, antibacterial brush spray, or a first aid kit! It’s definitely not glamorous to have these items on hand, as you want to show your client that you’re at the top of your game and wonโ€™t make any mistakes.

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While having a positive attitude about your skills is great, you also need to be totally prepared for any situation. Your makeup clients shouldn’t have to worry about their safety for one second during their makeup application, and they need to know that each product and brush you’re using is only being used on them. This means cleaning your tools every chance you get, ensuring you have proper tissues and sanitation products nearby in case product ends up where it shouldn’t, or if you need to correct a mistake.

Hygiene is key when it comes to makeup artistry, and your commitment to your client’s safety and positive experience in your care will go a long way.

4. Keep products in their original containers

For many, the desire to become a makeup artist came from a love of products. And not just the products themselves (although that perfect shade of lipstick is the best!), but the packaging as well.

As a certified makeup artist, taking all your packaged makeup products on the road seems like a great idea, even though they take up huge amounts of space and inevitably weigh down your makeup kit. Your client will love to see the product packaging, and you’ll feel like a superstar scooping moisturizer out of a gleaming, beautiful container.

Actually, the opposite is true. In the case of a client having wedding makeup applied, they will be much more focused on your skills as a professional makeup artist than which brands are in your kit. You can transfer products such as moisturizers, concealers, lipstick, and even eye shadow into small, travel-sized containers which are much easier to fit into your makeup artistry kit and are inexpensive, as well!

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Focus on impressing your client with what you’ve learned from makeup courses instead of fancy products and you’ll increase your professional reputation.

Build your professional makeup kit with both high-end and drugstore products โ€“ read on for a celebrity makeup artistโ€™s top tips!

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