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When it comes to being a makeup artist, there are times when you’re ready to throw in the towel. If you get a bad customer, it can be a huge drag on your week. Why should you have to deal with someone who’s ungrateful for your skills?

So what can you do to make them regret ever hiring you? Follow QC’s guide on how to destroy your career as a makeup artist, and you’ll be chasing clients away left and right!

Don’t clean your tools

The best way to destroy your career in the makeup industry? Keep your tools dirty and grimy. That’ll show ‘em!

Makeup artist brushes and hygiene

And that means everything! Don’t bother washing your makeup brushes after each client, or sanitizing your palettes. Not only will you give your clients some health scares, you’ll get some really bad Facebook reviews while you’re at it.

Show up late

You’re a freelance makeup artist – people should expect that you’re not going to be on time to every appointment! You can’t factor in travel time when you are in such high demand. That would make you look silly!

You know your clients anyway, so it’s not like you have to impress them with professionalism anymore. They’re more like friends now, and friends wait for you to show up. They want their makeup done? They can hold off for a few more minutes while you grab a burrito.

Stop using social media

Who needs it? It’s not like anyone actually goes to your business page to contact you. It’s just more work for you, anyways. You’re not being paid to post pictures of your work! If clients want to see what you can do, they can hire you themselves.

Plus, you have personal accounts they can contact you on. I mean, why not just mush your business and personal life together? Nothing negative has ever come from that!

Give your friends free services

You have to do this! It’s not like you trained hard to become a makeup artist, or like your livelihood depends on it. You want your friends to see how good you are at it, and that means they shouldn’t have to pay you. At least that’s what they said…

Ask awkward questions

You know, the ones that will make your clients feel really awkward sitting there with you for another 45 minutes. Get right down to the dirty details of their lives.

How many times a week do they shower? Why aren’t they married yet? Who’s their dentist? What was their first kiss like? There’s an endless possibility of questions to fire at them.

Bridal makeup artist in studio

Fight with your customers

Who do they think they are, leaving negative comments on your website?! How dare they have an opinion on your services when they didn’t even say anything at the appointment?! You need to stand up for yourself and send that attitude right back at them.

You don’t want them or their referrals coming to you, anyways. You’re way better off showing them who’s boss than trying to apologize for their experience!

Wear pyjamas

It’s not like you’re going anywhere formal, and you’ll be standing around all day. If you’re going to be on your feet, you might as well be comfortable!

If there’s anyone who deserves to wear sweats and slippers, it’s you – your clients aren’t the ones lugging around a huge makeup kit all day. And why would you risk ruining your good clothes by getting makeup all over them? No, thank you. We’ll stick to our fuzzy socks and leggings.

Wrong makeup artistry techniques

And that, my friends, is how it’s done.

Seriously though – if you want to succeed as a certified makeup artist, follow these tips instead!

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