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Are you interested in getting some career experience through a makeup counter job? Even if it isn’t your ultimate career goal, the versatility and people skills of a job behind your favorite makeup counter are incredibly valuable.

But wait—you have to get the job before you can start working it! Whether you’ve just started your job hunt or you’re trying to prepare for a big interview, Jamie’s tips will help you land that makeup counter job!

1. Have an updated & well-formatted resume

Although this goes for any job you apply for, a good-looking resume can help you pull ahead of other applicants at first glance. Make sure your resume is current and up to date with whatever skills and accomplishments you still possess.

Also, since you’re applying to a makeup-centered job, try to put down skills/certificates you may have that specifically pertain to makeup! Previous jobs that involved any makeup aspects would be a definite plus to add on. Instead of putting down all your computer skills, highlight your makeup skills. Since it’s a makeup counter, think about adding all of your customer service and sales experience too to show you can do the business side of the job as well as the creative side.

Contemplating a resume update

2. Brush up on your interview skills

The easiest way to brush up on your interview skills is to practice right up until you walk into that room. Have friends or parents ask you questions and let them give you feedback. A key to a great interview is confidence. Start off with a firm handshake as part of a great first impression. Always practice removing un-needed words from your answers such as “um” and “like”—and always keep your language professional and proper.

As you give your answers, try to relate what skills you possess to what the company is looking for. It’s also a good idea to keep your answers short and concise without rambling on. It’s good to get your point across, but not if it takes up most of your interview time for one answer!

3. Present yourself well

One of the first things an employer notices when you enter the room is your appearance. Most, if not all of these makeup counter employers expect you to have a certain look and a certain level of professionalism associated with how you present yourself. The first and most important thing is to have a full face of makeup that matches the brand you intend to work for. If you can afford to use some of the products from the brand, that would be even more of a plus! This gives the employer a sense of your ability to use their products on yourself and others.

If you’re able, try to research what the dress code is for the company. For example, at Mac, it’s all black attire all the time. Showing up in all black would show the interviewer you’ve done your research and are ready to represent their brand. Along with your outfit, your hair should be well put together, nails clean or painted, and you should wear professional shoes.

The MAC dress code requires employees to wear all black.

Before even getting into your outfit and makeup, make sure you create a good hygienic base to dress up. It seems self-explanatory but make sure to brush your teeth, have a shower, apply deodorant/perfume & wash your hands before you begin your final touches!

4. Be prepared for the interview

After brushing up on your interview skills and practicing with friends/family, there are a few more things you can do to make sure you are confident and prepared as you walk into that interview! One major thing to do is to research the company and how they interview. Many employees go online and write about their experiences being interviewed and sometimes even spill what questions the companies often ask!

I know for my Sephora interview, I kept reading online about a specific “perfume” question. So I formulated in my head how I would answer the question in case it came up in the interview. When it did, I was more than prepared!

Preparing for a job interview

For the questions you come across online, plus a few more general interview questions, try to plan ahead by writing out your answers. A popular question often relates to situations you’ve encountered at previous jobs. Make sure you have a few examples in mind so you aren’t left with your mouth open if they ask you!

Another common question is asking about your accomplishments, both in general and related to makeup artistry. Mentally list your top 3 and have short, prepared answers ready so you don’t seem like you’re bragging. In order to be completely ready for your interview, try to get a good night’s sleep beforehand and make sure you have a good meal so you are rested and energized. (Just make sure you brush your teeth so your breath is nice and fresh before heading out the door!)

5. Tune up your skill set

After researching the company, you’ll be able to get an idea of what types of makeup they tend to look for/apply on clients at the store. If you feel like you could use tune up of your skills so you can confidently apply on yourself or others, practice! There are thousands of YouTube videos you can follow along with if you feel like any aspect of your skills need a little help! If you don’t have the time to sit down and practice over and over again, work it into your daily routine leading up to the interview and you’ll have it down in no time.

Wondering which makeup brand to work for? Learn more about Jamie’s own experiences working for MAC and Sephora!

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