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If you’re enrolled in a professional makeup artistry class, you’re on the right track. Showing that you have professional training is essential if you want to be a makeup artist! But what can you do to earn even more money as a makeup artist?

Many makeup artists may think that in order to increase your makeup salary, all you have to do is increase your advertising spend. While you may an increased amount of traffic to your makeup business’ website, it won’t last forever. In such a competitive industry, funneling money into your marketing isn’t enough. You need to build your credibility and skills as a makeup artist in order to thrive. Thankfully, we know a few ways you can increase your makeup salary. Keep reading…

1. Don’t skip makeup theory

A huge part of your online makeup class is going to be theory-based. And yes—it’s meant to be! If you don’t understand the fundamentals of skin and color, you’ll be in over your head by unit B. There’s a reason you go over makeup theory before practice. Without knowing the foundations of makeup, your applications will not look professional.

professional makeup artist training applying glam makeup on makeup model

Let’s put it this way: if you don’t know your client’s undertones, how can you choose a suitable color palette that’ll make your client look drop dead gorgeous? That’s why you need to learn theory as part of your makeup training. And that’s exactly why learning makeup from YouTube won’t cut it. How many YouTube makeup tutorials start with an in-depth analysis of the model’s skin type, skin tone, and eye shape? Virtually none, if you’re watching the top influencers on the platform! You need to learn the theory behind every decision you’ll make on the face of whoever’s sitting in your makeup chair. That way, once you’ve started your own makeup business, you’ll know how to address the needs of every client!

2. Mind your own business… units

Your makeup training courses may have optional business units. Even though they’re optional, we highly suggest you take advantage of them. Whether you plan to work in a salon, for another makeup artist, or for a cosmetic brand, having some knowledge about how businesses are run will give you a leg up on the competition. Plus, it puts you in a better position to receive promotions and a higher salary.

Not to mention, it’s crucial to have business training if you’re looking to be your own boss. Yes, you can simply charge your clients and pay for your expenses. But how are you going to find new clients? How will you know if you’re making a profit? A thorough business plan and marketing scheme is essential for every successful business—even for freelance makeup artists!

3. Practice your makeup skills, even if you think you’ve mastered it all

practice makeup training application

The best way to gain experience is to practice on people you know. You’ll be more comfortable applying makeup to a friend or family member—chances are, they’ll bend over backward to help you reach your goals! Practicing on others is how you become a great makeup artist.

Working on yourself isn’t practice for the real world. Not only will you be holding your brush completely differently, but you won’t learn how to read your clients’ features. You need to work with different face, lip, and eye shapes as well as different skin tones and types. Plus, when you work on yourself, you’re probably not handling and sanitizing your makeup kit between applications. And that makes sense, nobody has time to disinfect and wash their personal makeup collection every day! But when you’re running a makeup business, you’re expected to keep the highest hygiene standards—no exceptions. So get used to it!

4. Keep up with the trends

Becoming successful in the makeup industry means staying on top of new and emerging trends. This is probably the easiest thing you can do for your makeup career! Follow some popular makeup blogs and websites, and pick up a fashion magazine once in a while to see what’s new and exciting. Colors and techniques are constantly changing in the beauty world. If you know the trends, you’ll be able to keep your business modern and relatable.

5. Don’t undersell yourself

Something that many newly educated individuals do: underestimate their worth. Be sure that you don’t undervalue your training or your experience—those are what will get you paying clients!

Once you complete your makeup training, make sure to frame your certificate and keep it in view. If you have clients coming to your home, keep it in your workspace. When clients see that you’ve put in the time, effort, and money into your career, they’ll be more willing to pay for your services.

6. Always be ready

certified makeup artist with portable professional makeup kit

This is especially important for freelance makeup artist jobs, and it is absolutely essential if you want to receive full payment at the end of the day. If you are late or forget an essential product, you are giving your clients an opportunity to ask for a discount. What’s worse, they might feel inclined to leave you a bad review online.

If you’re always ready to go then you know you’re doing your best. A simple way to make sure you’re always prepared is to create a checklist. Before any consultation or makeup application, go over your checklist. Be sure you have the essentials, be sure to factor in your travel time, and look presentable!

7. Don’t be shy

In order to be a successful makeup artist, you’ll want to make your clients feel relaxed during their appointments. This means refining your interpersonal skills and creating a comfortable atmosphere to do your makeup applications in.

Approaching your clients at the first meeting with a friendly smile and a handshake can instantly make them feel more at ease. It’s common to feel worried or awkward around new people—even more so when you’re in such close quarters! Start with some light conversation and tell your client that they can relax. This will allow your appointment to run a lot smoother.

Now, it gets a bit tricky when we’re talking about freelance makeup artist. If you’re a freelancer, you may find yourself traveling to your client, which means you can’t choose where you’ll be applying the makeup. Being in an unfamiliar environment can throw you off your game when you’re just starting out. Thankfully, this is something that only gets easier as you go on.

8. Just keep learning

makeup jobs trends

At the end of the day, it’s all about expanding your makeup services and adding to your skills. Constantly build on both your personal connections and your professional knowledge. This will help you provide your clients with more variety, more credibility, and more confidence in your work.

Attending conferences, gathering makeup inspiration, and enrolling in additional makeup courses will keep you on your toes. Consider trying your hand at hair styling or airbrush makeup. These are fun classes that you can do in your spare time, but they’ll also add a lot to your makeup business! Expanding your services for your clients gives them a reason to come back to you, time and time again. You’ll be able to conveniently offer them all the services they need in one place.

Now, take these professional makeup artist tips and work on your skills! You’ll be moving up in the beauty industry in no time.

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