After getting your makeup business up and running, you’re (very likely) going to run into some negative reviews. Of course, it isn’t because your makeup skills are lacking! It could be for any number of reasons. Step-by-step, we’re going to walk you through how to save your makeup business after bad reviews!

If you’re working hard to keep your customers satisfied and making them feel their best, these negative reviews shouldn’t come up often. Even so, be prepared to deal with them so one bad review doesn’t tank your new makeup business! Keep reading for our guide on rescuing your makeup business from bad reviews!

1. Don’t freak out!

So first, off, DON’T FREAK OUT! I can’t emphasize this enough. Receiving your first negative review will hurt your ego. In any hurtful situation, people often want to respond defensively. But this impulse means you likely aren’t thinking clearly.

This is a stressful situation, so take a few deep breaths… then remind yourself that you read this helpful article so you know exactly how to deal with this situation!

considering social media reviews for makeup business

2. Consider the review

After you’ve held off freaking out or lashing out at the reviewer, consider where it might be coming from. On most social media websites, people’s names and photos are displayed prominently. Try to recall your experience with that client.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Did they leave seeming satisfied with their look?
  • Did they say anything or give feedback during or after the session?
  • Did I listen to what they wanted and try my best to deliver?

The key is to remind yourself of the service you gave them and evaluate the interaction… before jumping into talking to them. Have your “side of the story” down before you ask them for theirs.

3. Respond publicly… and politely

After investigating where you may have gone wrong, it’s time to respond. Assuming the review or comment is public on your social media page, you’re going to want to handle it ASAP. While it’s a private affair, you’re going to want to address it publicly!

People want to be heard, and if you just erase their comment, it might just escalate things! Instead, write back a comment with a positive and understanding tone. Apologize that they are dissatisfied (but not for your actions if the customer is being unfair… more on this shortly!). Acknowledge you’re hearing them out, and mention that you’re going to use their criticism constructively. Remember, your valued past, present, and potential clients are going to see this, too.

answering a bad reviews about your makeup business

4. Discuss Privately

Next, you’ll want to actually speak with them one-to-one. Ultimately, it’s a personal issue, and client-confidentiality needs to be kept! You don’t want to spill the beans about your client’s privacy in a social media comment! Mention that you’ll message them privately in your public response – sometimes they may not see a notification, so let them (and the rest of the public) know that you’ve followed up.

Even though you’re now conversing in a private chat, you still need to remain respectful and understanding – no matter how rude they might be. Remember, screenshots are a thing now! Nothing could be worse than a few damning screenshots of you being rude and unprofessional to a past client.

This is where you can ask for their “side of the story.” Simply request that they explain to you how they saw the situation. Maybe there was a miscommunication of what they wanted or something you did offended them. Hear them out, and don’t criticize them for feeling the way they do!

You might end up going back and forth here, but remember that you want to acknowledge their complaint and your end goal is to solve this issue!

Time for some examples!

makeup artist working with happy client

If the review was honest and fair…

See what you can do to help! This doesn’t mean throwing refunds at the issue! Show them you really care and value them as a customer. For example, you could offer them another session “on the house.” This can be a great way to earn back their trust, and you might even end up with a loyal client!

Here’s an example:

A client posted on your Facebook page that they were not happy with their final look. They felt like you didn’t listen to what they wanted. Following our steps, you would start out by not freaking out! After that, remind yourself of your interaction with this client. You recall them seeming disappointed, but they didn’t say anything explicitly. You decided to move on, but this clearly has backfired. Now you have a precedent to work on, and know what to do in the future if you see signs of disappointment.

You then would respond to their review publicly, acknowledging their disappointment and apologizing for not reading into their disappointment.

“Hey [Client], Thank you for your feedback. I’m very sorry you were unhappy with your look. I would like to understand your concerns further. Would you mind if I messaged you privately to discuss?”

You could then start the private conversation by saying something like:

“Hi [Client]. Just reaching out about your review. Again, I’m sorry you are unhappy with my services. While I thought your makeup looked amazing, I did notice that you weren’t thrilled when you left my studio. I should have tried a little harder to get a critique from you. I really do care, and I hope that all clients leave my studio happy. I would love to have you come back for another occasion (on me!), and I’ll do my best to work with your feedback!”

Now hopefully she will respond and the issue can be resolved! If they end up coming back for another session, you can even encourage them to change their review.

getting an unfounded negative review

If it was completely out-of-nowhere…

Remember to tell your side of the story! Maybe you didn’t recall anything you did wrong even after extensive snooping. The client’s review may be completely unfounded – you might even be dealing with a client nightmare. That means you’ll need to come up with a different response…

Here’s an example:

The client has taken to Facebook to criticize your prices; they’re also saying their friend got something similar done by another makeup artist for cheaper. However, you’ve always made sure your prices are consistent from each client to the next – to avoid issues exactly like this! Again, remind yourself of your interaction with this client. You remember that you were clear about your prices from the start, and that didn’t change throughout the consultations or final appointment.

Now it’s time for your public response. Remember, you still need to be respectful even though the review could be really negative or downright rude! Here’s what you could write:

“Hi [Client], I’m sorry you’re unhappy about my prices. However, I do try to price my services competitively. There also could be several reasons why your friend got similar work done for a lower price! I would like to discuss this matter further. Do you mind if I send you a private message to discuss?”

Your private message could be:

“Hi [Client], Just reaching out privately to discuss this issue with you. I’m sorry you were surprised by my prices because of your friend’s experience with another makeup artist. However, there are many reasons why she got similar work done for less. The type of products and tools used by an artist, as well as professional training and experience will affect an artist’s price! I try to be clear about my prices from the start of our interaction, and they’re always highlighted on my client contracts. If you have any further issues or questions, please feel free to contact me directly! Have a great rest of the day.”

Notice how here, you’ve respectfully voiced your side of the story and only apologized for their dissatisfaction rather than your actions! If you didn’t do anything wrong, make sure you explain your side thoroughly. Being open and giving context shows clients you have nothing to hide. You’ll also be able to connect with them honestly and rebuild relationships.

moving makeup business forward with criticism

5. Move forward!

Finally, you need to move past this! The key here is that you’re moving forward, not just moving on. That means you need to take this criticism with you! Whether that means adjusting your practices or just learning from dealing with a difficult client. It’s important that you treat this experience as a way to grow. Whether or not the review was fair or unfounded, you can learn a lot from these experiences.

Have you dealt with a difficult review? Let us know how you handled it!

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