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When QC’s Student Ambassador, Stephanie Wyatt, completed her Master Makeup Artistry course, we asked her to recreate her favorite makeup application from the course. So which assignment did Stephanie choose to redo? Her theatrical character!

Stephanie chose to recreate the character of Nala from The Lion King Musical for her Unit F assignment. Watch the tutorial to get a sneak peek of her fantastic work—and find out below what her tutor had to say about it!

Why did you choose this theatrical look for your assignment?

I really enjoyed researching a variety of different musical and theatrical characters to recreate their look! I decided to choose Nala from The Lion King Musical purely based on how beautiful the eyeshadow is and how a touch of white paint dotted around the face really shapes the overall look together.

What was the feedback your tutor gave you about your completed look?

My tutor, Azzi Williams, gave me this feedback for my original look:

“Your look that you have created for your stage character is really intense, the lip color is beautifully applied. The sort of white marks and patterns are very vibrant and would definitely be picked up by stage lights. The eyeshadow is absolutely stunning, the little bit of a cut crease that you are doing with the darker shade at the top you can intensify that even further for the stage if you want to, and similar with that beautiful sort of maroon metallic look you can definitely intensify that as well. You can take it even further by applying really heavy false lashes so that it’s very dramatic for the stage.”

I really appreciated my tutor’s feedback on this and I would 100% agree with applying heavier false eyelashes to the look however I did not do this in this video due to not having the right lashes to create this look unfortunately.

How did you decide to start recreating this look?

With applying this makeup look I broke it down into sections, so firstly I would begin with my base to make sure every part of my face was completely covered. I would then focus on my eye area, as to me personally, the eye makeup is my favorite part of any makeup look and I sort of concentrate more on the eye makeup area. I would then continue the rest of my face and eyebrows. I personally find breaking my makeup application routine into sections helps me perfect the look!

What was your favorite part of applying this theatre-inspired look?

I absolutely loved recreating this look of Nala from The Lion King Musical, it was so beautiful and one of my favorite looks I researched. I just loved how intense this look was overall and I really enjoyed recreating it as it’s not an everyday sort of makeup look I would go for!

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    I like the fact that QC Makeup Academy actually showcases their very own students work. It says “we are so confident in our students results!” Thanks again for allowing us to peak through.

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