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When it comes to corrective makeup, you need to be fluent in color theory as a makeup artist. Using less product will not only save you time and money—it will also make your applications look smoother! More product on the skin increases the risk of caking or smudging, so using your makeup products wisely goes a long way!

Find out how you can use color correcting for your clients to give their skin a beautiful, healthy glow!

Green Concealer

makeup concealer in a variety of colors - color correcting shades

For clients who suffer from acne, rosacea, or sensitive skin, redness is a huge concern for their complexion. Many clients want the redness to be toned down, but prefer not to wear too much makeup (which can make these conditions worse!). Introduce your clients to the wonderful world of color correcting!

Using a light green shade of concealer will allow you to tone down areas that are prone to redness. After applying moisturizer and primer, blend a small amount of this concealer into problem areas to counter any redness. This magic trick works great on blemishes for any client!

Pro Tip: Use products that are non-comedogenic and fragrance-free on clients with skin conditions. These will not clog pores and are less likely to irritate problem skin.

Peach Concealer

If you’re working with a client who suffers from lack of sleep—or you stayed up too late last night—reach for a trusty peach concealer! Peach-toned concealers balance out dark circles under the eyes, making you and your clients look refreshed! For clients with darker skin tones, you can use a more pigmented peach or orange concealer. Since under eye circles tend to be darker on deep skin tones, orange concealer will be more effective than a light peach shade!

Correcting under eye circles is a main staple in makeup artistry—nearly everyone has them! Use this trick to make your clients look and feel rejuvenated without layering on too much product.

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Lavender Concealer

For instant brightness to the skin, invest in a lavender concealer! Many clients have patches of skin that look dull and lack luster. Although foundation can hide this, we want your clients to be glowing—not hiding. Lavender concealers will bring life back into the skin, making your client’s face appear brighter and more even toned.

If you’re looking for an even bigger jump in brightening your client’s yellow-ish skin, be sure to use a primer that has a lavender tint to it. This will work double-duty when combined with your concealer to give clients a fresh, young glow!

Yellow Concealer

Similar to peach concealers, yellow shades can also offer a quick fix for under eye circles. Yellow concealers are a great option for using as an eye primer as well, since they are more neutral than peach and allow other shades to stand out on top.

As lavender is used to discount yellow skin tones, yellow can be used to counteract purple spots. This means that yellow is great for skin that easily bruises or appears “veiny”. Hide those pesky spots with a dab of yellow concealer and your client’s skin will look flawless!

concealing under eye circles

By using color correcting concealer underneath foundation and your usual go-to concealer, you’ll be creating an even-toned base to work on. Using color theory will make it so much easier for you to create your desired look—and you won’t risk any pesky discoloration peeking through your final look!

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