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Infographic: Professional Makeup Kit Shopping List

Are you ready to start building your professional makeup artistry kit?

Makeup artists must have a wide range of products at hand in order to work with their clients’ unique features. Being able to match skin tones and accommodate different skin types means having a well-stocked kit at your disposal, ready to take on whatever your clients need or want!

Here’s a handy shopping list to get you started!

Professional Makeup artistry Kit Infographic

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You’ll want to have a nice range of colors for all your face products in order to match perfectly to your clients’ skin tones. However, this doesn’t mean you need to buy hundreds of products! Instead, invest in at least 10 different shades so you can customize colors for any client’s unique tone. Also consider different formulas for dry, oily, or sensitive skin. Stocking your kit with powder and cream blushes, bronzers, and contour and highlighting products will have you prepared to work on any skin type!


Having a wide range of eyeshadow colors in your kit is essential. However, there are literally millions of options available and it would be quite impossible to own every single shade imaginable! For your professional makeup kit, you should invest in a few different eyeshadow palettes that include matte and shimmery neutral, dark, and light colors. Also consider powder and cream formulas for different skin types. To finish off your clients’ eye looks and to define their brows, you’ll also want to stock different types of eyeliners, mascara formulas (ie. waterproof, lengthening, thickening, etc.), and eyebrow pencils and powders.


In your professional makeup kit, you’ll want to include different shades of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains, and liquid lipsticks. Again, there are so many options available but having a solid range of colors will allow you mix and create customized lips for your clients! Invest in a wide range of lip liners to create the perfect base for your lipstick creations.


Other products you should stock in your kit include brushes, disposable applicators (ie. mascara wands, sponges, etc.), primers, falsies, setting spray, makeup remover, glitter, gems and jewels, facial tissues, cotton swabs, and a portable makeup case to keep it all together! You should also evaluate your kit every so often to ensure you’re able to deliver any trendy looks or techniques your clients may request. For example, you might want to consider including a shimmery highlighting product for clients who want the strobing effect, which is a hot trend right now!

Stocking your professional makeup kit can cost you a pretty penny… Find out how you can get discounts on makeup to build a versatile kit here!

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2 responses to “Infographic: Professional Makeup Kit Shopping List”

  1. Jaelynn says:

    How much would this all cost?

    1. Alicia Haniford says:

      Hi Jaelynn!

      How much your kit costs really depends on the specific products you choose to buy. Obviously, a kit made up of products from high-end brands will cost much more than a kit made up primarily of drugstore products!

      Most professional kits include a mixture of high- and low-budget makeup options based on the artist’s personal preferences. For a better breakdown by cost, you can check out our post on building your kit on a budget:

      Hope this helps! 🙂


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