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It’s that time of year again when you want to shower your loved ones with gifts that they’ll love and adore. But finding that perfect gift can be tricky! Thankfully, there are so many options out there when shopping for the makeup artist in your life. You’ll be able to find something to meet any budget and make the ones around you incredibly happy with your purchases. Check out these 5 Christmas gift ideas for makeup artists!

Brush Sets

Brush sets are a great gift choice, as makeup artists can never have enough brushes. However, with so many options available, selecting a kit can sometimes feel overwhelming. But don’t fret! No matter what you choose, it will always be needed.

Makeup artists can never go wrong with having different brushes to fit all their clients’ needs. Check out Crown Brush for all the brush kits they have available. They range from prices as low as $9.99 and move upwards to pricier options. They have kits that carry all the great essentials that every makeup artist will love.

makeup brush set for a certified makeup artist

Sephora also has a great set that’s worth a look! The Tools of the Trade Brush Set is an excellent kit for makeup artists starting out or even for those who are already well-established in their career. The brushes are high-quality and reliable, and are relatively inexpensive in comparison. Makeup artists everywhere adore them!

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazines about the makeup industry are a fabulous way to stay up-to-date on recent trends and to get relevant information. They provide fun new techniques, interesting articles, and important information that every makeup artist could benefit from! If you are unfamiliar with what’s out there, take a look at Makeup Mag. They provide the latest trends being used in movies and film, news surrounding the makeup industry, and inside tips and tricks. With print, online, and tablet subscription formats available, this gift will suit the needs of any artist!

If you’re interested in a magazine that covers all things beauty, like hair, skin, makeup, the best beauty products, celebrity news, beauty news, and more, consider Allure magazine. Makeup artists can use this resource to their advantage and stay on top in the industry, which their clients are sure to appreciate.

Makeup Kits

As most makeup artists will agree, you can never have too much makeup! So it’s safe to say makeup kits are a great Christmas gift idea. They range from small to large and can include whatever you think is necessary for the artist. You can find kits that are just for eye shadows, just for lipsticks, or some that combine everything from concealer to blush, and more!

Christmas makeup products

Depending on your budget and what the artist may be looking for, it’s a great place to start if you’re ensure what to get them this season. If you haven’t already, consider browsing Sephora and MAC as they have great kit options that can fit anyone’s needs.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative, Walmart and Target also have amazing makeup kits that are great quality and that makeup artists will love. But don’t limit yourself! Doing a quick online search of your own can uncover so many more options that you didn’t even know existed.


Have you ever thought about getting the makeup artist in your life some comfortable footwear? Pro MUAs tend to be on their feet all day, as they are constantly running back and forth or are simply standing by a client for long periods of time. So comfort is definitely key!

Although, buying shoes for someone else may a difficult task. Expand your options by browsing online stores and talk to the experts at local shoe shops for the best advice on footwear that is stylish and professional, yet comfortable. Be sure to hang on to your gift receipt in case you need to go back after for a different size!

Gift Cards

While it may not be the most personal option, every makeup artist needs to replenish at some point. It’s not always easy staying updated with what your friend or family member needs or you may not be familiar with the best brands in makeup. Gift cards are a great way to show that you would love to support their career and want to contribute in any way possible! They will appreciate the gesture and will be able to add to their supplies as they see fit. Can you really ever go wrong with a gift card?

makeup artists happy with their christmas gifts

There are endless options out there when shopping for a makeup artist. You can choose one of our recommendations or get creative and think of your own! The holidays are an exciting time and gift giving shouldn’t be a stress. Enjoy the process of buying for the ones you love and have a happy holidays!

Do you have any other Christmas gift ideas for makeup artists? Share with us in the comments below!

For your ambitious MUA amiga, consider gifting her an online makeup course!

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