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We’re so pleased to welcome Nichole Carrasquillo to the Beauty Buzz Blog as the QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador! She’s here to give you an inside scoop on her student experience with QC. Whether you’re thinking about taking a course yourself or simply curious to know what fellow students think, Nichole will be your go-to source for an honest perspective. Please join us in giving Nichole a big, warm welcome!

Hey everyone!

I’m new around here and I am so excited to be collaborating with the Beauty Buzz! My name is Nichole Carrasquillo, I’m 27 years old, and I live in sunny, humid, Puerto Rico. I’m a speech therapist by day, graduate student by night, rock n’ roll singer, and a total makeup addict. Phew!

I’m currently enrolled in the Master Makeup Artistry course and Pro Workshop. I started in November 2014 and I’m halfway through the Master Makeup course. It has been an amazing learning experience and I’ve been blessed with the most awesome tutor ever, Nathan Johnson (yes, I’m that lucky!).

I, like most girls, was drawn to makeup from an early age. There’s something magical about being able to play and experiment with color, brushes, the endless options out there. As a teenager I bought beauty books and tried to recreate the looks I liked with my own makeup. When YouTube started gaining popularity I started watching tutorials by Kandee Johnson and other makeup artists. I was always the go-to girl for my friends to get their makeup done and even though I had no formal training; I loved helping them out!

As I said earlier, I’m a singer. I currently sing with a pop-rock group at my church but I used to sing in a heavy metal band! We started playing a lot of shows around the island and I saw the need to get better at doing my own makeup. There were always professional photographers at the shows and I wanted my makeup to look perfect.

I was almost finished with college so I finished my BS and started working full time as a speech therapist. I love my day job but soon I found myself working all week and practicing doing makeup during my free time. I had taken a couple of makeup seminars around town but had always wanted to take a full makeup course. Going to a full-time beauty school wasn’t an option for me so I started searching for an online school. That’s when I found QC (cue the heavenly music)!

Rocker Days 23

(That’s me in my heavy metal days!)

I originally enrolled at QC to learn for myself but soon I learned that an actual career in makeup artistry would be perfect for me. My full-time job is in education, which means I have a job for 9 months out of the year and the rest of the year is basically income-less. It is definitely not easy! With a career in makeup artistry I can have work during those “bad months” and an extra income during the school year. It’s perfect!

As I continue my education at QC I hope to keep acquiring new knowledge in both the artistry side of makeup and the business side as well so I can eventually form a client base and continue to grow as a makeup artist. I really appreciate that the course always includes the business aspect of makeup artistry in its units. Even though the business assignments are optional, I highly recommend you do them! Really!

Some of my goals in the makeup industry would be to eventually have work year-round. I don’t see myself working at a makeup counter (though it sounds like a lot of fun), but I can see myself working weekends with brides or special events. I’m a newlywed so I LOVE bridal! I’d love to work on editorial or runway looks if I had the opportunity too. Who knows? What if in a couple of years I make a name for myself and can be a Makeup Artist full time? That would be AWESOME!

Well, this was a little lengthy! I think I got too excited but, again, I’m very happy to be writing for you guys. I’m here to give you an inside look of the QC courses I’m enrolled in and to help you guys make the most of your education with QC Makeup Academy.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to comment below!

Big hugs,


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  • Matoki says:

    Hi Nichole,
    I’m strongly considering taking the makeup courses at QC. I am concerned about whether or not you can actually learn how to do makeup in online platform. Can you really learn makeup online? I would love your feedback. Thanks!

    • Nichole says:

      Hey there Matoki!

      Thanks for reaching out to me! I’m glad to hear you’re interested in the makeup courses at QC. 🙂

      The short answer to your question is: yes! But it really depends on each student wanting to learn and actually PRACTICING! The DVDs are well made and Nathan explains everything step-by-step but like any other skill, the most important thing is to practice, practice, practice!

      I also like the fact that if you miss anything you can easily go back and re watch it, unlike regular classes. You also have your own tutor who will give you feedback on all your assignments so you definitely won’t be left alone!

      I hope I was of some help and good luck! Stay tuned to the Beauty Buzz to my next posts where I hope to answer more of your questions.

      x Nichole

  • Sabrina Ryan says:

    Welcome Nichole our ambasador well done i feel your passion and i love QC Makeup Academy too
    You are an amazing talented woman congratulations.

    Matoki the school is amazing you will learn from the best and yes like our ambassador said above you get all Dvds to rewind back and get the start up kits and brush too.

    The rest is your passion and creativity.hope you join us and enjoy the ride with Makeup artistry.

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