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Marc Harvey


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Meet Marc Harvey

Also known as the “King of Airbrush”, celebrity makeup artist Marc Harvey is dedicated to creating perfect complexions on all his clients. Marc has been working in the beauty industry for over 13 years. His celebrity clientele includes: Fantasia, Tamar Braxton, Lisa-Raye McCoy, Yolanda Adams, Susan Lucci and many more.

Marc was the first African-American male to be featured as an on-air beauty expert for Home Shopping Network and The Shopping Channel Canada. He has worked with top makeup brands including L’Oreal and Bobbi Brown, and his work has been featured in and on the covers of Jones Magazine, Allure, Elle, Houston Modern Luxury, American Salon and more.

As an airbrush makeup expert and educator, Marc created and co-founded Taiwanese company Elementwo PRO which was used on the set of Hunger Games by Academy Award winning makeup legend, Ve Neill, before launching his own line of cosmetics, Marc Harvey Beauty.

Read on to learn how Marc started his career as a professional makeup artist!

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What sparked your passion for makeup artistry?

Painting and sketching portraits.

Your makeup line, Marc Harvey Beauty, carries a variety of high-quality, natural products. What was your goal behind the launch of MHB?

I wanted to create a brand that that was not only color and shade inclusive, but was great for all skin types and great for skincare conscience clients.

Your brand really tries to educate the consumer, what’s the reasoning behind that?

Yes, education is a huge part of what I’ve always done for my brand and for others that I’ve represented. The first part of educating is listening. In order to create, you have to hear and validate the consumers needs and wants as it pertains to products.

I listen because I never want to hard-sell my customers. I’ve always found that if you just educate them properly, they will use their own critical thinking to decide what works best for them. It will also ensure client satisfaction and retention.

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What’s your favorite part of running MHB?

Creating and client results.

What’s the most challenging part of running a cosmetics company?

Everything. It’s not for the faint of heart!

What advice would you give to your younger self when you were just starting out?

Focus on the details of business so that you don’t get taken advantage of.

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What do you think is the greatest challenge facing makeup artists today, and how can it be overcome?

Finding one’s own “niche”. Stop following and wanting to be followed. Be innovative, be unique, be bold.

What are some products in your professional makeup kit that you can’t live without?

Loose powder, brow pomade, a contour kit, lip gloss, and of course, my airbrush with my full shade range.

Want to learn about Marc’s beauty secrets? Sign up for his live webinar on November 20th, 2019!

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