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If you missed our epic online makeup class on building focus and facial balance when applying makeup, drop everything and check it out right now! Knowing how to develop a focal point in your makeup look is a science. All the great makeup artists know how to do it. By learning a few tips and tricks, you’ll know how to wow your clients every time!

If you missed the live stream, you can re-watch it here:

Below are all the questions I wasn’t able to answer during my live makeup class!

To lift a hooded eye, can you use a liner on the bottom lid and extended it up and out?

There are two ways to lift hooded eyes with eyeliner. I recommend extending and lifting the liner from the very end of the upper lash line. To do this, apply the liner to the upper lash line, stopping just before the outer corner of the eye. After that dries, flick the liner upward. Using a traditional brow shape for reference, aim the liner toward the end of the outer brow.

See how the perfect brow should be shaped on page 9 of the webinar handout.

Alternatively, you can use liner on the lower lash line to lift the eye. Avoid making the line too thick or heavy when you turn the outer corner into a cat-eye. Making it too thick will result in the eyes being pulled down. When you come up from the lower lash line, you still want to aim the flick toward the end of the brow to get the perfect lift.

Do you recommend magnetic lashes?

Magnetic lashes have their pros and cons. They are more expensive than the false lashes you can get from professional makeup supply stores (e.g. Frends Beauty, Alcone Makeup). Some artists swear by them because the more expensive pairs feel light and effortless to the wearer. But learning to properly apply magnetic lashes takes time and effort. The best tip for applying them is to settle them into the lash line after giving the natural lashes a great curl and mascara application.

magnetic lashes for eye makeup application

Some people complain that the lashes fall off when in close contact with others. So tell you clients to be careful when giving hugs brushing hair away from their face.

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Do you have any advice for really curly lashes?

Really curly lashes can be a blessing and a curse. The natural curl can open the eyes, but the lashes also have a tendency to go in every direction. They may even curl around and poke the eye!

When I have clients with super curly lashes, I use a heated lash curler. It works like a hot iron, encouraging the curly lashes to fall into line and take the curl shape you want them to have. And if you over-straighten the lashes and they lose their lift, don’t fear! Simply give your lashes a few gentle pumps with your manual curler. Be patient if you try this approach. The lash hairs can be stubborn.

What is the best trick for mature eyes?

Maturing skin will naturally lose some of its elasticity. You should expect a bit of slack in the skin. Since slack lids have more natural lines and creases, you want prevent your makeup from settling into them as the day wears on. There’s one products in your makeup kit that’ll save you—your primer! Always begin with an eyeshadow primer to ensure your hard work stays on!

During makeup application, you may find that your client’s skin moves under your makeup brush. This means you’ll need to anchor it. To do so, gently place a finger below the arch of the brow and lift slightly. Remember, this will change the natural placement of the skin, so be sure to keep that in mind when applying the mid-tone, crease, and highlight shades.

makeup artistry job on mature clients eye

How do you build eye shadow on sensitive eyes?

The best thing to do when working with sensitive eyes is to work quickly—but still delivering your best work.

Use a quality primer suited for sensitive eyes and highly-pigmented shadows to get colors that read-well on the skin. If you’re using richly-pigmented shadows, you’ll be able to build color with only one or two swipes!

Also, ask your clients to keep their eyes closed for a few moments after application. Sometimes, the pigment particles are still floating in the air. They can irritate more sensitive eyes. Another trick is to use soothing eye drops a few minutes before application.

What is the best way to draw a wing when using a liquid liner?

The best way is to trace along the upper lash line. You should keep the line very thin in the inner third of the eye, and slowly graduating in thickness until you reach the outer corner. Just before the outer corner, flick the liner up toward the end of the outer brow.

These perfect application techniques are covered in the Master Makeup Artistry Course and extensively covered in the Pro Makeup Workshop and Global Beauty Workshop.

how to draw cat eye liner toward brows online makeup classes

What product is best for creating natural-looking eyebrows?

Create the most natural-looking eyebrows by mimicking the natural growth of the hairs. You can achieve this using number of different eyebrow products, including pencils, powders, or brow gels. The secret is to keep the hair-like strokes as thin and precise as the person’s own natural hair. If you’re using a pencil, be sure to keep it sharp. If you are using a brush, be sure it is tight and can apply thin, crisp lines.

How do you apply under-eye concealer without it creasing?

There are two reasons why products below the eyes will crease.

  1. The product is applied too thickly
  2. The product is not set properly.

You may think that sheer products would not work with clients who have dark under-eye circles. But as long as you know how to properly color correct, sheer products can definitely be used.

Most dark circles can be neutralized using a sheer layer of salmon or orange-toned concealer (depending on skin tone). The sheer application will blend with the color underneath, creating a perfect skin tone that makes the eyes look awake and alert. Set this sheer layer with mica- or silica-based powder, and apply and set another sheer layer as needed. Building and setting sheer layers will keep the heat around the eyes from melting the product.

professional makeup artist sets under eye concealer

What products do you recommend for dark under-eye circles?

The best way to neutralize dark circles is with a color corrector. My product of choice is the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer. If the skin is properly color corrected (see the question above for application tips), there should not be any reason to apply additional shadow colors.

What is your biggest suggestion for double chins?

A soft contour along the jawline will recess the area and give the appearance of a sharper jaw. Be sure to apply the contour gently. Over-application can make your contour look like a dark strip of color or a slight beard shadow. The best color would be 1-2 shades deeper than the skin tone.

How do you apply makeup on clients with dry skin around the nose and T-zone?

The secret to dealing with any skin concerns or conditions lies in your product ingredients. That’s why understanding skin is a secret weapon to anyone serious about makeup application.

If someone has dry skin, a hydrating primer with a silicone base will be your best friend. The silicone base will allow for prolonged absorption of the hydrating ingredients while keeping the surface smooth for a perfect finish. Combining it with a hydrating foundation keeps the dryness at bay. Ingredients to look for include hyaluronic acid and sea whip.

Click here to learn more about QC’s Skincare Course.

recede double chin in client with contouring - makeup tips from a celebrity makeup artist

How do you turn a normal makeup look into a fantasy makeup look?

Fantasy makeup is when makeup is used in an unconventional or unique way. There are a million different ways you can transform natural makeup into fantasy makeup. Some examples include extending a cat liner straight down instead of angling it up, and curling the end of the eyebrow up to mimic the shape of an elf’s shoe.

Those specific examples may not be flattering, but the point is that fantasy looks can come from anywhere. My only tip is to think it through. Be thoughtful with your makeup application. Know what you are trying to express with your makeup. Many great fantasy looks have turned into trends.

What are your tips for building a professional makeup kit? What are the most important products to start with?

The best tip is to build your professional makeup kit slowly. You will need to have primers for different skin types, a variety of foundations, and a decent assortment of shadows, liners, and lipsticks. The joy of makeup is that products can be mixed to create countless colors, so don’t be afraid to play.

individual eyeshadows for a professional makeup artist kit

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What is the best foundation for oily skin? And the best for dry skin?

The best way to deal with oily and dry skin starts with the primer. You’ll normalize your client’s skin when you use the appropriate primer for their skin type. Follow that with the appropriate foundation will ensure increased longevity and the perfect finished look. I love the Cover FX primers. For foundation, I recommend those by Cover FX, Fenty, and Tarte.

It’s doesn’t come down to trusting someone’s advice on what the best product is. It is more so about identifying skin types, knowing the difference between types and conditions, and addressing client needs with ingredient-specific products.

Every artist has different Holy Grail products because we all use our hands to create our art differently. Find samples for new products you’ve never tried before. Eventually, you’ll find your favorite.

Nathan will be hosting a live webinar on August 21st, 2019. In this Facebook Live, he will discuss in detail how to build a kit to suit all of your clients’ needs. Nathan will show you what’s included in your free starter makeup kit, detail the types of products you should add to your kit and offer opinions on specific products.

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