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Every aspiring makeup artist has a different goal she wants to achieve with her makeup artistry course. Some want to become certified makeup artists, while others just want to expand their skills for fun. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered!

One of our most asked questions is:

What’s the difference between Makeup Artistry and Master Makeup Artistry?

There’s actually a big difference between the two! The one you choose ultimately depends on your goals. But before we get into that, let’s go over what you’ll learn in each course!

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In summary:

Of the two, the Master Makeup Artistry course is the more comprehensive course and the most popular! It starts you off at a beginner’s level, where you’ll learn basic makeup techniques for day, evening, and glamour. You’ll also learn how to start your own makeup business, as well as safety and sanitary practices.

The above topics are covered in the first three units, which the course shares with the Makeup Artistry course. But that’s where the similarities end! The Master Makeup Artistry course continues on for four additional units. The last four units cover advanced application techniques such as makeup for bridal, fantasy, photography, television, and even a bit of special FX. You’ll also have the option to complete a business unit to help you launch a successful career in the biz!

Which one’s right for you?

QC Makeup Academy offers 10 different makeup courses that suit every aspiring artist’s needs. As we mentioned before, the course content between the two courses is identical all the way up to Unit C. For makeup hobbyists who just want to get good at doing their own makeup, choose Makeup Artistry. But if you want to do makeup professionally? You’re better off completing the Master Makeup Artistry course.

difference between makeup artistry and master makeup artistry - special FX makeup

Those extra four units make a world of difference! Don’t believe us? Here are just 5 benefits:

  1. Learn advanced skills: These additional skills will expand your career opportunities. Applying makeup for different occasions makes you a more versatile artist. Don’t think that editorial makeup is the same as photography makeup! The techniques and products used are completely different!
  2. Get creative: Identical to the Makeup Artistry course, the first three units in the Master Makeup Artistry Course focus on everyday makeup and makeup for special occasions. The extra four units at the end allow you to really flex your creative muscles. You’ll learn bridal makeup techniques in Unit D, meanwhile Units E and F go into fantasy makeup and special FX makeup. Combine new techniques with old ones, and you’ll be ready to create any look you want!
  3. Try something new: Don’t write off stage and character makeup before you even try it! You might not know what you’re missing out on. As someone in an artistic field, you should try everything at least once. Not only are they amazing experiences, but you might discover your passion!
  4. More time with your tutor: A longer course means you’ll receive more guidance from your tutor. Your personal tutor is a full-time working professional who has had real industry experience. Continue to practice and improve your skills under someone who really knows their stuff!
  5. Build your portfolio: Showing your versatility will advance your career quickly. The assignments in Units E and F will push you to be creative with your looks. After you receive your tutor’s feedback, go back and polish them up! You’ll graduate with a diverse portfolio to start your career!

So, what will it be? Makeup Artistry or Master Makeup Artistry?

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