My Honest Review of the Airbrush Makeup Workshop - QC Makeup Academy

QC Makeup Academy student ambassador Whitney Conn is a student in the Special FX, Airbrush, and Skincare courses. She’s also a proud graduate of the Master Makeup Artistry course.

Just like with QC’s other makeup artists classes, I feel like they prepare you with all the proper, professional makeup training to go out into the field and to do amazing things. The Airbrush Makeup Workshop is no exception. While I did my research before enrolling, some of you may not. So let me break it down for you and give you my honest review of the online airbrush course.

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The materials

While the Airbrush Makeup Workshop is a 100% online makeup course, you will receive physical course materials in the mail. The course comes with…

  • three course guides for each unit
  • four course books
  • three DVDs
  • a small portable air compressor
  • an airbrushing gun
  • a few airbrush foundation colors.

*Note that DVDs are no longer available. All videos are found online-only through the Online Student Center.

All of your books, guides and DVDs are also available on the Online Student Center. I find that I do not use the physical books much because I am always on-the-go. As for the airbrush compressor and gun, this was a great way to start to get the hang of using an airbrush.

The more I practiced, the better I got. However, I found the gun to be finicky so I decided to upgrade to a better compressor and guns. I found I had better control once I upgraded.

 Did you know? QC recently upgraded the airbrush compressor and machine! See the new airbrush makeup kit here.

airbrush makeup kit - air compressor and airbrush gun

The Course Work

Unit A: Introduction to Airbrush Makeup

The course starts off with an overview of the course and then goes into sanitation and safety practices. This is beyond important to know as a makeup artist, and I am beyond thankful they put this information in their training. Clients notice your sanitation habits when you’re doing makeup application, so pay close attention.

I think this unit is everything it needs to be. Between teaching you how to handle your airbrush machine to understanding the makeup, marketing, sanitation, safety techniques as well as getting a chance to practice, you are getting the best foundation training to build on.

The last assignment took me over a month to submit due to the difficulty I had doing proper application. The detailing was incredibly hard for me, but is so vital for fine detailed application.

Unit B: Beauty Airbrush Makeup Application

While foundation theory is so important, learning to do the applications is my favorite part. This was my favorite unit! I had so much fun learning how to match foundation, blush, shadow, highlight, and contour colors. I really enjoyed watching my model’s skin change on every step of the application and how certain colors distinctly changed the shade on the face.

airbrush glam makeup practice for foundation

As you continue into Unit B, this is where all of your sanitation and safety knowledge come into play. Throughout your airbrush application, you have to be aware and implement all the sanitation and safety information you learned in Unit A.

For matching foundation, you need to match it to your client’s jaw. You can tell by spraying three different colors of foundation to see which color matches perfectly. From there, you need to apply a full face of foundation to your model. This is a great way to learn the distance you need to hold your airbrush gun away from your model. You’ll also learn the right amount of pressure when pressing on the trigger. Then, you proceed to highlight the higher regions of the face and contour the sunken areas. You will also learn how to carefully correct any mistakes.

Unit C: Airbrush Techniques for Special FX

I am currently mid-way through the special FX unit and am quite enjoying myself. In the past, I had made my own stencils for shirts by hand and found this unit to be somewhat familiar. By no means does that mean that it is easy! I continue to work on cutting my lines straight and learning how to not have my colors bleed through the materials.

airbrush makeup stencil on face of model

Stencils are a wonderful way to create layers and depth to an application. They can also be used for many other things, too. While I have not gotten to this assignment yet, I am really looking forward to creating a fantasy look.

If you are looking to add an amazing new skill to complement your makeup artistry services, I would suggest the airbrush course. It’s perfect for anyone who’s looking to advance his or her skillset to the next level. Airbrushing is one of the many skills clients look to hire and may make a difference in making you stand out from other artists. As always, continue to learn and grow as an artist.

Are you taking the airbrush makeup course? Let us know what you think!

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