Maybe freelance makeup or working in a salon just isn’t for you. Maybe you’re looking for something wacky, weird, and wonderful! Well, we’ve got good news… we’re about to share six weird makeup artist jobs and one will be sure to fit any personality.

Keep reading for six unusual makeup artist jobs you’ve probably never heard of…

face feeler makeup artist jobs

1. Face Feeler

Yup, feeling faces is a thing that you can get paid for. Before you roll your eyes too hard, listen up! It’s a pretty serious business and actually a vital step in testing many personal-care products.

“Face feelers,” also known as “sensory scientists,” spend years honing their skills and learning about skincare, skin conditions, and more. They’re trained experts who make objective opinions about different products – from razors to moisturizers and foundations.

Using their hands, Face Feelers can judge the effectiveness and quality of different products. Consider this career if you really love learning about skincare and want to ensure only the best products get put on the market.

2. Cosmetic Product Stylist

Those gorgeous MAC ads have to come from somewhere, right? Well, just like fashion stylists, there are product stylists. Product Stylists spend their days making beauty products look their best.

It’s not just setting up a bottle in front of a camera either! Product Stylists spend years mastering lipstick smears and eye shadow smashes. Don’t cringe yet! Destroying makeup can be fun when it’s on purpose and it creates a masterpiece!

So go out there and use your knowledge of different makeup products from your online makeup course to style those products!

product namer makeup artist jobs

3. Product Namer

Catfight, Butt Taco, Chihuahua… no, I’m not just spewing random words and auto-correct did not take over. These are actual names of products you can buy! Catfight is the name of a rich red lippy by Urban Decay and a semi-matte pink by NARS. Butt Taco is an orange matte nail polish by Man Glaze. And Chihuahua is a blushy pink lip gloss by NARS.

And yes, someone gets paid to come up with these. If you have a strange (but clever) sense of humor, then being a Product Namer might be for you. Name those shades and turn the heads of beauty gurus everywhere!

4. Lipstick Reader

Ever gotten a palm reading before? Well, you can get your lipstick-kiss print read as well. For the spiritual MUAs out there, this could be a funky career path to follow.

Specialists in lip print readings often have a background in palm readings, tarot cards, or other spiritual services. Basically, clients put on some lipstick and kiss a white card. Then the Lipstick Reader (after years of training in different practices) will analyze the client’s personality! The reading is based on both the color the client chooses and the details of the kiss print.

Sounds a bit kooky, but also super interesting!

5. Professional Lice Remover

Maybe not as glamorous as you imagined beauty industry jobs to be – but still an important profession! Many summer camps and schools hire professional lice removers to check and treat their campers/students!

Lice are so common that you’ve likely had them or will have them at some point in your life! Though the job title seems icky and unappealing, the job itself isn’t that bad! Many lice removal companies specialize in different treatments – like all-natural treatments, for example.

This career is definitely one to consider if you enjoy working with kids and want to help people every day!

dog manicurist makeup artist jobs

6. Dog Manicurist

As a dog manicurist, you’ll never feel torn between your passion for dog grooming and your obsession with beauty products! You know pet grooming is a profession, but some groomers also offer special manicure services! With this wacky makeup-related career, you can be enjoying the company of dogs instead of humans while creating beautiful art!

Getting dogs’ nails painted is a very common trend in Japan. “Dog beauty artist,” Eiko Sase, is well-known for her doggy nail art and charges clients between $25 and $40 for dog manicures. That’s a fair amount of cash for some sparkly dog nails! Bring the Japanese trend to your city or town and make those pooches super stylish!

Makeup artistry and careers in the beauty industry are very flexible! Combining your love for makeup with other passions, like photography or animals, is surprisingly easy to do. Though strange, some of the above careers are valid options for makeup artists that want something a little more out-there!

Did we miss out on any weird makeup artistry jobs? Let us know in a comment!

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