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Summer is a great time to gather inspiration for beauty looks. Whether it’s a complex special effects makeup look or a simple glam smokey eye, the colors of summer always spark inspiration.

We’ve compiled five special effects makeup looks that you can get some serious inspo from! Even if you aren’t an experienced SFX-er, some of these looks aren’t super complex. And you likely already have the supplies in your makeup kit anyways!

So keep reading because we’re about to give you some fantastic inspiration for your summer SFX looks!

Earthy Elf by @tinkeringbeauty

This forest-fairy-meets-elf look by Alexa (@tinkeringbeauty) on Instagram makes us want to rush to the garden and craft a flower crown ASAP. Alexa uses subtle techniques to create a phenomenal fantasy character.

This look could be recreated (or inspire a unique look of your own) using only a matte eye shadow palette, a contour/highlight kit, and some white liner. The frosted eyelashes are an incredible addition to this look, and you could probably DIY a pair with some basic falsies! Just get creative!

Split Face Flowers by @katytolj

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Katy’s (@katytolj) look is a bit more complex… but is totally worth the effort for the results! Between the ragged edges of the split to the bright eye shadow, there’s a ton of depth and detail in this look.

With some simple products, you could recreate this look! Consider some special effects makeup hacks if you don’t have any professional products in your kit. Head to the craft store and pick up some fake flowers of your choice. Use black eye shadow or eyeliner to add depth to the split underneath the flowers. Then, use a contour kit to add dimension to the face! Get creative and switch up the color scheme to make your own unique version of this look!

Sunset-Inspired Skull by @j.u.s.t_i.m.a.g.i.n.e

This sunset-inspired skull by Emma (@j.u.s.t_i.m.a.g.i.n.e) is relatively simple. And just like the first look we mentioned, you could recreate it using makeup products you already have!

Consider grabbing a photo of a sunset off Google and changing up the colors. Alternatively, expand the look to the entire face and add in even more detail. The great thing about this glam-meets-SFX look is that you can expand on it in so many ways!

Flower-Fingers Gore by @sidekicks.biz

If you clicked on this article hoping for some gore summer-inspired looks, this is certainly one! Katerina (@sidekicks.biz) got super creative with this one. Take some inspiration and try making flowers “grow” from different parts of the body!

Get some fake flowers from the craft store (or real ones if you really want to challenge yourself) and perfect those wound effects from your Special FX Makeup course! This gore-meets-summer look is perfect for the gore-loving SFX artists.

Beachy Face Paint by @_facebeat_

Have a little more time on your hands? Take inspiration from this look by Angilian (@_facebeat_) and recreate a summery photo… on your face! We truly admire the attention to detail that went into this look.

Get your hands on some body or face paints and get creative. Anglilian used Mehron Makeup body paints, but you could give it a try with cheaper paints or even eye shadows and liner pencils. Maybe you’ll go for an ocean-look like Angilian. Or, try out a sunset view!

Remember that to truly hone your professional special effects makeup skills, you should create your own original looks! The above are great makeup artists to draw inspiration from, but consider the ways you can make a look your own instead of recreating their looks directly! Why not consider combining looks? For example, take the color palette of Emma’s (@j.u.s.t_i.m.a.g.i.n.e) sunset-inspired skull look and apply it to Katy’s (@katytolj) split-face flower look. The options are endless!

Planning on recreating any of these looks this summer? Let us know which one in a comment!

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