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In a Ted Talk viewed by almost 20 million people, best-selling author Susan Cain says, “The key to maximizing our talents is for us to put ourselves in the zone of stimulation that is right for us.”

What does this mean?

Well, it means that everyone is unique! People have different learning styles and their ways of doing things. What works for one may not work for another. Thankfully, in the world of education, there are more options for the antisocial butterfly than ever before.

study alone online learning

If you’ve been thinking about a career in makeup artistry, this applies to you. Some people prefer brick-and-mortar institutions for studying makeup. Others, especially those who are introverted or shy, can excel in online learning. As distance education becomes more popular, there truly is something for everyone now. Even though people learn differently, they may still have the same personal, financial, and career goals!

So if you thought you couldn’t be a certified makeup artist as an introvert, think again! It may not seem like a good fit at first, but we’re here to prove you wrong. Find out why an online makeup artist certification can be the perfect fit for you!

The benefits of an online learning environment:

Do you find the traditional school setting too restricting? You have to work in a loud environment at someone else’s pace. And the loudest of voices often dominate discussions. The truth is, the online learning environment is more accessible for students—extroverts and introverts!

makeup studies online

Online makeup artistry certifications are often one-on-one programs. You’ll work with your personal tutor and develop a trusting relationship perfect for learning. You’ll have a judgment-free zone from your professional tutor, and a peaceful learning environment. And when you do want to interact with other students completing the course? Well, that door isn’t closed either!

Although it’s mostly one-on-one interaction, you can share as much or as little as you’d like to your fellow students through online forums. You won’t need to be particularly loud to be heard. You just need to type!

Introverts recharge by spending time just with themselves. If you’re exhausted, taking a break from your self-paced course is no biggie! Take as long as you’d like to perfect an answer or a makeup application assignment. The online environment goes hand-in-hand with self-reflection and thinking.

Practice coming out of your shell:

conversing online to get out of your shell

Online learning can be the perfect way to ease into the social aspects of becoming a makeup artist. Use your online course to practice interacting with an industry expert! You’ll communicate with your mentors over the Student Center to save you from the anxieties of face-to-face interaction. You’ll be able to ask for help whenever you need it. The help you receive comes with zero judgment!

You’ll learn how to network using the business units in your course. Then, practice them as you complete your course! The key is to get comfortable talking about makeup. Besides talking to your loved ones, talk to Student Support or ask your tutor questions—starting a conversation is the first step!

The more you use professional terminology, the more effortless it becomes. Once you’re a certified MUA, you’ll be able to talk about your passions freely and with authority!


interacting with makeup clients

Most people talk about introvertedness like it’s a problem! It really isn’t! But the reality is that professional makeup artistry is a very social occupation. You can’t get away with zero interpersonal skills. After all, when your client is sitting in front of you for hours on end, how can you get away without saying a single word?

Striking a balance between outgoing and soft-spoken is difficult! But it’s the secret to effective communication and great relationships with clients. When a client sits down in your makeup chair, you’re providing a service to them! If they’re at the center of your efforts, why would you need to dominate the conversation?

You’ll learn about client relationships in the business units of your course. Like hairdressers, most people expect their makeup artist to take on the role of a therapist. We’re not saying you need to diagnose and solve all your client’s problems! But it does mean you’re going to have to chat with your client to make the appointment smoother.

listening skills for building client relationships

Most introverts know that small talk is easier when you have a strategy. The key is to listen. This comes naturally to introverts! Some people believe that good interpersonal skills mean being outgoing and chatty. But a great communicator is actually one with strong listening skills!

As you go through your course, you’ll practice listening and responding to your tutor. Just like a client, they’ll tell you what they expect. Then, you’re expected to take their ideas and create something that weaves your skills with your creativity. Creativity isn’t just for outgoing people! An online certification course will allow you to hone in on your client relationship-building and technical skills—at a pace best suited for you!

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  • Maria Venuti says:

    This article perfectly sums up why I chose to take the Master Makeup Artistry class through QC, instead of going to a brick and mortar school. I am a fairly shy person, and I like to study things at my own pace. Online learning is perfect because I can complete assignments on my own time, and from any location!

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