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Social media is a fabulous perk of being a makeup artist in the 21st century! Nowadays, makeup artists can reach out to a whole new client base—simply with the touch of a key! Generally, the more that followers interact with what you share, the more effective your content is. And higher social media engagement means more exposure for you!

But finding the right way to connect with clients takes a combination of flair and strategy. Give your target audience a taste of your style with these 5 ways to create engaging posts about makeup. We’ll bet even your fellow makeup artist pros are going to be scoping out what you have to say!

1. Livestream a video tutorial

Kick your tutorial up a notch by livestreaming it. Kim Kardashian did it back in September. Promising a glimpse into her everyday makeup routine—which she swears she has down to 5 minutes—Kim shows off her savvy marketing side by giving her fans exactly what they want. Let’s admit it, secretly everyone wants to know which products Kim has stashed in her makeup kit…

Livestream Tutorial For More Social Media Engagement

Like Kim, you can build some major buzz with a livestream. You even ask for feedback as you go along. If viewers can comment and ask questions in real life, your social media engagement levels will skyrocket! But before you go live, think about what your target audience wants to see. Are you popular with other makeup artists or are you reaching out to non-makeup artists as potential clients? Your tutorial will become super shareworthy if you’re tapping into whatever your audience wants to see. Focus on a feature or product and generate some more views! Combine your tutorial with some kind of AMA to build even more buzz.

2. Post something from behind-the-scenes

Give followers a reason to connect with you! A teaser shot on Instagram is a great way of leading into a before-and-after of your latest makeover. Snapchat and Periscope also make it really easy to share quick videos of you in the middle of a fun moment. Giving backstage access to your target audience will introduce potential clients to your work!

Behind-the-scenes makeup for more social media engagement

But you can make your posts seem even more accessible with fun captions. Really into doing over-the-top looks? Even if you’re just having fun with a new technique at home, throw on a cute outfit and add a quick caption like “Glam Friday Night Lashes.”

Do you work with a lot of brides and prefer more natural looks yourself? Post some shots of your makeup prep, and talk about how women can create the perfect canvas for foundation. You can totally increase the chances of social media engagement if you actually speak with (instead of to) your audience. So if you post a #FreshFacedFriday selfie, ask followers to do the same!

3. Use emojis (and lots of color)

Marketing teams often talk about how essential storytelling is to connecting with clients. A brand story is just as important to makeup artists! Luckily, by making the most of the internet, you can use your voice to deliver content that’s both fun and relatable!

Emojis are huge right now. Why? Because we like to be able to express ourselves in visual ways. Think about Facebook reactions! For years we were saying that we wanted to be able to do more than like a post. So what did Facebook do? They gave us the ability to like, love, be stunned, angry, or sad at something—and suddenly the world felt complete.

Heart Emoji's For More Social Media Engagement

Being able to express an opinion is a solid way to get more social media engagement from your posts. But it need to be done right! Emojis signal a different way of communicating. Color can be another eye-catcher on your followers’ newsfeeds—just don’t go overboard! Bright colors are fun and grab your followers’ attention, but using too many bright colors at once can make your posts into aggravating eyesores.

Basically, have fun with different online trends. Share inspirational quotes. Post funny memes that you relate to—chances are some of your followers will as well!

4. Curate your favorites

Everyone wants to look their absolute best. That means makeup artists are the go-to gurus for millions of women (and men!) who want in on all the best beauty tips. So show off that skillset as much as you can. Tutorials are great for people who know a thing or two about makeup! But the rest of us are really just dreaming about the next big product that will make us look great in one application. So make it easy for us!

Shiny lipsticks for Social Media Engagement

Tell us what products you are totally in love with and which ones are ruining your existence, plus any other secrets you are willing to share with non-makeup artists. While there’s always Pinterest, you can also use a curating tool to group your monthly roundups. Just provide your own unique take on a product or industry trend and inject it with your voice! You can even go off-script and talk about pop-culture and other relevant things in the headlines. Just keep it interesting and lighthearted!

5. Create a branded playlist

This one is totally out in there in terms of ways you can experiment with your social media reach. A shareworthy playlist on Spotify can help you build your makeup artistry brand and make you stand out online. Think of it like a soundtrack to your best makeup looks. Did you know that brands like H&M and Anthropologie work with in-house music coordinators to create branded playlists for their social media pages? Well, now you do!

Hipster Girl with Branded Playlist for More Social Media Engagement

Chances are that whatever you listen to inspires you. So come up with some playlists to go along with your favorite looks. For something fun and youthful, go with Top 40 tracks. Team Swift or Team Perry? If you’re way more underground than that, showcase your favorite indie bands. A playlist is a creative way of boosting your social media engagement because not only can people share it, you can ask them what they would include. Have fun with the process! Get festive! Create a listening experience for different moods and holiday looks! And just like your backstage passes, make sure you give your playlist an awesome title.

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