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There was actually quite a few things that QC Student Ambassador Stephanie Wyatt didn’t know about makeup before she enrolled in QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course! She never used moisturizers or primers, and occasionally even blew on her makeup brushes (gasp!).

Check out her video below and discover 4 makeup mistakes she learned NOT to do as a result of her time as a makeup student, and learn from her experience!

Let’s recap…

1. Blowing on brushes

You must not, under any circumstances, blow on your brushes! Stephanie considers this practice to be absolutely vile and disgusting. It creates germs and clients definitely don’t want to see it! What if someone was doing a makeup application on your mom or other loved one and blew on their brushes – by doing this, they’re essentially spitting on their client’s face.

The best solution to this? If you’ve got too much product on your brush, don’t blow on it! You can either tap it away on the palette, or just wipe it away. QC tutor and celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson wipes the excess on his hand and goes back and forth from his hand rather than the palette. Health and hygiene are number one!

2. Not having a thick skin

Sometimes, you’ll get clients who have seen YouTube tutorials and think they know the right way to apply products. Ultimately, you’re the professional and you do need to listen to clients, but you also need to have a thick skin. Every makeup artist actually applies makeup differently (Stephanie, for example, starts her makeup application with her eye makeup instead of the base, which is what is taught at QC Makeup Academy). Being open to constructive criticism and not taking anything personally is key.

3. Ignoring a client

Clients love friendly makeup artists, and likely won’t recommend you if you don’t make any conversation. Don’t sit there and ignore your client – especially if it’s their first time with you! By the same token, you don’t make constant conversation with clients, as some are nervous or busy (or a celebrity), but be friendly. This has the potential to turn a first-time client into a regular one!

4. Don’t assume that every client likes what you like

On the day she filmed this video, Stephanie had really thick brows, and notes that her brow style varies from day to day. That’s just how her brows go! Sometimes, however, thick brows won’t look right on certain people, or sometimes they will. Sometimes people don’t want that smoky look, or winged eyeliner, as these looks won’t work with their specific features. Never assume that clients will like what you like – everyone is different, after all!

Stephanie worked with a bridal client several months ago who was hesitant about highlighter, as Stephanie was wearing a very bright highlighter at the time and the client didn’t feel like that particular look would work for her. Stephanie chose a golden, sun-kissed highlighter for this client that wasn’t too heavy or in-your-face – it was a lovely shade that worked well in the summer sunshine. Don’t assume that everyone will like the same look, especially with colors, as not everyone suits every color.

If you have made a mistake as a makeup artist, don’t fret! Check out Nathan Johnson’s advice on bouncing back from mistakes!

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