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Summer is all about embracing your wild side and having fun – so why not do the same with your makeup?

Get ready for the hot weather by testing out a few of 2017’s most daring makeup trends, and you’ll be sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Read on for the top trends and tricks that will be most loved this summer!

Feathered Brows

Bold brows are always in for us, and we want to keep it that way! Now, we have a new technique that’s been rolling around the internet – feathering!

Feathering your brows is extremely easy, and gives you that gorgeous au-naturale look. Simply brush the front of your client’s brows up and set them that way. This will make her brows look fuller and thicker in an effortless way, rather than blocking off her brows with harsh fill lines!

Colorful Lips

How excited are you about the fact that the colorful lip is back this summer??! Except this time, it’s not a cheap 90’s lipstick that makeup artists are stocking up on…

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This summer, it’s all about bold colors that work with your clients overall look. Light purples, blues, yellows, and greens have been dominating the drugstore and high-end brands. Unsurprisingly, all of these colors just scream summer! They’re perfect for a hot summer’s night on the town.

If your client is looking for a daring trend to try, pull out your lip palette and start mixing some custom colors!

Artistic Accents

First it was faux freckles, then it was holographic highlighter, and now we’ve seen makeup artistry go to a new level. Adding real art to your makeup (although we’ll argue that makeup is an art form) will give your clients a unique and creative statement to wear.

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From floral designs to spots, there is literally a never-ending list of what you can create. These looks have been conquering at summer festivals already, and we’re hoping to see a few more creative looks this season!

‘Wet’ Eyeshadows

We are loving this makeup trend for summer. Not only does it complement that fresh, dewy skin look, it’s also a fun trick to master! You’ll need to do a bit of experimenting to get your wet-eye look just right.

Test out different strategies of applying “wet” or “glossy” eye products – from Vaseline, to wet eyeshadow, to lip gloss (yes, that’s a thing) you have a mountain of options to try before calling it quits!

Perhaps the trickiest part about this makeup trend is making the wet-eye makeup stay all day long, especially in the summer heat! Since powdering will take away your glossed-over look, we recommend using an eyeshadow primer or strong setting spray to get the job done. They may not be foolproof, but they’ll make it last a few extra hours!

Fresh Faced

We know, we know – this isn’t exactly “cutting edge” nor is it a particularly new makeup trend. However, for the girl who’s afraid of facing the world without a full-face of makeup, this trend is definitely bold.

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When we saw fresh faced, we mean no makeup whatsoever. And while we acknowledge that it’s not a new thing for most people, for some it’s a completely new ball game. Going bare faced to school, work, or even the beach can be panic-inducing for a lot of people. Allow your clients to feel comfortable in their skin by giving it a breath of fresh air!

Wearing makeup all day, every day can make your skin tired and dull. You may think you need a lot of coverage if you have a couple of blemishes or dark spots, but you really don’t! Try to use less and less product each morning, and get to a point where you feel comfortable going outside without any on.

Trust us – you’ll feel like a brand new woman!

Touch of Blush

For the lazy girl’s makeup kit, this trend is a savior. All you need to keep on hand is your favorite shade of blush – even better if it’s liquid or cream! Blush isn’t just for the cheeks anymore. We’re seeing blushed-out eyes and lips all over the place, with complimentary glow across the high points of the face.

Give your makeup clients a peachy-keen glow with just one product!

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