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Houston, Texas – a vibrant city filled with culture and lively entertainment. If you’re looking to get into the makeup industry in Houston, your best bet is to target areas that your favorite type of clients will flock to.

From the massive retail locations to a booming bridal industry, makeup artists in Houston can specialize in a variety of fields. Read on to find out how you can become a makeup artist in this brilliant city, and check out how much you can make!

Where to Work in Houston

Location: Uptown
Industries: Retail, Spas
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Salon Makeup Artists, Beauty Counter Makeup Artists

If you’re looking for an upscale makeup artistry job, Uptown Houston is the place to be! This neighborhood is full of great shopping, considering the Galleria has over 375 stores including Sephora, MAC, Nordstrom, Origins, NYX, and much more.

Makeup artistry jobs at Sephora

This is the area to distribute your resume if you’re interested in starting out as a beauty counter makeup artist – there are tons of opportunities in this little area! Plus, with high-end stores come high-end clients. Learning to work for clients who know what they want and are particular about products will transform your interpersonal skills!

Not only is the shopping top of the line, but Uptown is home to plenty of salons and spas like Trellis and Fiori. Granted, it will be more competitive finding a makeup job in the spas – but once you’re in, you’re in! If you want to up your game before heading to this neighborhood, do some freelancing and become certified. This will give you a serious advantage when it comes to professional makeup experience!

Location: Downtown
Industries: Art and Theatre
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Performance and Theatre Makeup Artists

If retail makeup jobs and salons don’t line up with your career goals, head over to Downtown Houston and try your hand at stage makeup! The downtown center is known for its acclaimed theatre district – and with good reason. There are big-name national theatre companies that have made Houston their home. This is the perfect opportunity for a makeup artist to network with the casting crew and show off your portfolio!

Theatre and performance makeup is an ever-changing world in the industry. New looks are constantly being created, and you could be the one applying original character makeup to a star-studded cast!

Theatre makeup artist jobs in Houston

Location: Museum District
Industries: Tourism, Weddings, Events
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Special Occasion & Bridal Makeup Artists, Freelance Makeup Artists

Looking for some elegance and glamour in your makeup career? Setting up your business near the iconic Museum District of Houston will give you an abundance of job opportunities! Since most of the museums and galleries in the area host special events and weddings, there’s a demand for makeup artists residing in this part of Houston. Bridal makeup artists can make a killing by marketing their services close to the area – wedding parties are probably looking for a nearby place to stay!

This district is also great for freelance makeup artists! With the number of special occasions and parties that take place in these venues, you’ll have the chance to book quite a few clients. If you specialize in evening and bridal makeup, you could be hired all day to tend to the guest(s) of honor. Consider providing package deals to groups to bring in more business!

The Woodlands
Industries: High-End Business, Luxury Living, Special Events & Weddings
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Glamour Makeup Artists, Bridal Makeup Artists

The Woodlands neighborhood of Houston is one that’s blooming for residents and business owners alike. This massive area of development is building its way up to become one of the most important areas for Houston’s residents. Home to more than 100 parks and a lake, this area is definitely a hotspot for special occasion and bridal photoshoots. Being a certified makeup artist in this area will put you on the map as a local favorite, once you get a few referrals from your neighbors!

Houston occasion makeup artists

Just as well, Hughes Landing is an up-and-coming area of the city. This district is filled with retail shops and luxury apartment buildings. Getting high-end clients takes experience, but if you’re in the right area you’ll land them a lot quicker than your competitors! Plus, with all the businesses and shops in the area, you’ll be there as first pick for any corporate editorial shoots.

Houston Makeup Artists to Follow

Devin Harvey

From his edgy editorial looks to his fresh-faced models, Devin Harvey is a true artist. His flawless complexions are often paired with a bold lip or eye, making his models as gorgeous as ever. His vast experience as a fashion makeup artist gives his makeup style a modern and trendy vibe. It’s the perfect mix of bold and subtle, mixed into one!

View Devin’s portfolio and fashion looks on his website.

Ginny Lee

With a focus on bridal makeup and airbrush, Ginny Lee is a local favorite in the wedding industry. Her classic looks give every bride a unique elegance, from a subtle smoky eye to dark lips. Ginny’s work has been featured in Houston Brides – no wonder she’s first pick among bridal parties!

Take a look through her website to view her gorgeous bridal looks, and be inspired!

Learning bridal makeup with online makeup courses

Jen Marine

If you’re looking for inspirational avant-garde editorial makeup, look no further! Jen Marine’s looks are creative and original, employing various colors and finishes to catch your eye. Her makeup artistry has been featured in plenty of magazines and published editorial shoots, making Jen a star in Houston’s makeup industry.

Just take a glance at her portfolio, and you’ll be blown away!

Lisa Capuchino

Lisa has made a name for herself in Houston as a beauty and editorial makeup artist, being a favorite for Yellow Magazine and big advertising campaigns. Her signature look is a clean, blushing complexion paired with a bold eye look. Winged liner and daring shadow are just a few of the techniques that can be seen in Lisa’s editorial makeup!

Check out her portfolio to get inspired by her simply creative looks!

A Makeup Artist’s Salary in Houston

Makeup artist for editorial and magazine shoots

For professional makeup artists living and working in Houston, you have plenty of different career options to choose from. Ultimately, where you work and who you choose as your client base will determine how much you can make. For example, bridal is a big industry in Houston, so you should specialize in both bridal and airbrush if you want to find lots of clients!

As well, the theatre and arts industry is always booming in some Houston neighborhoods. If you can get in with a local theatre or performance center, you’ll be well on your way to a high makeup salary! Both freelance makeup artists and employed artists will make an average of $35,500 – which is around the national average!

Of course, there are ways to boost your makeup salary. We all know experience and training will help you, but shadowing an establish artist in Houston can help you bring in credible clients (and land you a stable job)!

Before heading out to Houston, find out how to write a killer makeup artist resume!

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