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If you’re passionate about makeup, you likely follow countless makeup artists on Instagram and have a long list of websites that you frequent for inspiration. You want to stay on top of the most current makeup trends and know how to create them yourself. But when it comes to the best makeup artists of all time, do you know their names and the looks they’re most famous for?

Take an inspirational walk down memory lane with us this Throwback Thursday as we list the top 6 makeup artists of all time. Knowing who they are can only improve your own techniques and goals, as you can aspire to their level of greatness!

1. Max Factor

If you’re familiar with the history of makeup, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Max Factor! This makeup artist’s name is synonymous with early Hollywood, and he was responsible for creating a thin type of greasepaint makeup (it’s hard to believe, but a stick of greasepaint was the most common type of makeup in the early 1900s!). This creation made Max Factor a beauty expert, and he headed to Hollywood where he applied makeup to movie stars throughout the 1920s and 30s.

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Max Factor quickly became known for his ability to customize makeup to different celebrity faces to present them in the best possible light in movies.

His fabulous makeup inventions didn’t stop at greasepaint – he also developed a face powder in a number of different shades, as well as an early version of lip gloss!

Although Max Factor’s makeup was initially only available to Hollywood starlets, it made its way to stores in the 1930s, and women are still applying it to this day. That’s a huge testament to the lasting power of this makeup artist!

2. Pat McGrath

Widely considered to be the most famous makeup artist in the world, Pat McGrath is a force to be reckoned with. So why is she second on our list behind Max Factor? Pat was actually inspired to pursue makeup artistry from the gorgeous beauty looks in classic films (featuring Max Factor’s work), and later helped to create the cosmetics collections for the Max Factor brand! Isn’t the makeup industry amazing?

As Pat created makeup looks for magazines, she quickly built a reputation for herself based on her ability to keep skin glowing and healthy-looking. Her technique remains a mystery, and other makeup artists don’t even know how Pat does it!

Any makeup artist knows how difficult it is to attain a perfectly natural look with different products – it takes years of practice! Be sure to follow Pat McGrath’s luminescent looks on Instagram and see for yourself why she’s such a makeup icon!

3. Shu Uemura

We’re sure that you know the name Shu Uemura, as the brand is one of the most commonly used among makeup artists. But did you know that its founder was a legendary Japanese makeup artist? Shu Uemera became interested in hair styling and makeup while bedridden with a severe illness as a teenager. He then went on to become a makeup artist for films of the 1950s, and launched his self-named brand in 1960.

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Making healthy skin a priority, Shu always brought out his clients’ natural beauty and eventually opened his own makeup school where he taught his techniques to aspiring makeup artists.

Although Shu Uemura passed away in 2007, his brand has grown to become an international cosmetics line that uses the most innovative formulas and technology to bring out every woman’s inner beauty. Boost your Instagram feed by following Shu Uemura – images of beautiful products and stunning makeup looks will inspire you daily!

4. Bobbi Brown

Professional makeup artist, businesswoman and author Bobbi Brown is one of the most well-known and highly regarded makeup professionals of the last 50 years – and with good reason!

After getting a degree in theatrical makeup, she packed her bags and headed to New York City to work as a professional makeup artist and soon released a line of lipsticks. These weren’t just any lipsticks – Bobbi made a name for herself by creating ten neutral shades, and later released various other products and opened a makeup school of her own.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is the number one makeup artist brand founded by a woman, and that is a serious feat! Bobbi’s penchant for natural tones in her lipstick and foundations were very unique in the early 1990s when they were first released, which put her brand on the map almost immediately. She’s educated several generations of makeup artists with her many published books, and continues to astonish and inspire with her gorgeous Instagram account – definitely worth following!

5. Charlie Green

Techniques and best practices are learned as part of a makeup certification, but that doesn’t mean that rules need to be followed at all times! One seriously successful makeup artist that doesn’t allow herself to be bound to any rules is Charlie Green, who has built a reputation for herself based on her creative techniques and free-spirited approach.

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With over 20 years of experience applying makeup to models and actors, Charlie isn’t afraid of bright colors, shimmer, or bold brows. In fact, she embraces them (and so do her clients!). She’s known for looks that are feminine, lovely, and highly creative.

Charlie Green is an example of a pro makeup artist with a big personality and an original style. She’s living proof that makeup artists can be true to themselves while treating makeup as the art form that it is! Check out Charlie’s website for some seriously unique and colorful examples of original looks.

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