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The beauty market is saturated with new makeup brands, but not many can stand the test of time. Some of the most successful companies today found their footing decades ago and are still going strong. How do they do it?

Well, first they have to have a product that everyone loves! Cornering the market for a specialty product or two is incredibly difficult, but it isn’t impossible (Kylie Jenner’s liquid lipsticks are a testament to that!). But even those with the best formulas or the most recognizable branding can’t hold favor for too long if they don’t up their marketing efforts to compete.

Repackaging tried and true products or reformulating brand-name disappointments can do wonders for a brand as it helps move products into new hands. So which beauty products have found success after getting a much-needed revamp? Read on to find out!

Queen Helene

green face mask

A truly vintage product, Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque is that distinctive green face mask we associate with spa-like luxury and relaxation. While this mask definitely is an underground secret to most millennials, those enlightened swear by it. Still keeping with the original formulation from decades passed, it wasn’t until just last year that they finally changed the iconic, but bland, packaging to a more fun and youthful design—in line with the rejuvenating effects of the mask!

Bath and body works

While Bath & Body works have never dropped off the face of the earth, they are known for changing up their scent lines every couple of months. Some seasonal fragrances are guaranteed to come back (Winter Candy Apple, Vanilla Bean Noel), but other scents have been gone for decades. On top of constantly introducing new scents, they also change up their packaging every year—even for their Signature Collection—to keep things fresh. But a couple of months ago, they tapped into the nostalgia market and brought in old favorites in new packaging. The reappearance of their Country Apple and Sun-Ripened Raspberry scents along with six other retro scents made you think the ‘90s never left.

Max Factor

retro beauty max factor

The founder of one of the world’s oldest cosmetic companies (and the originator of the word “make-up”), Max Factor was a force to be reckoned with before disappearing off US shelves in 2010. For the first time in 6 years, a limited edition capsule set of a mascara, a liquid liner, and two lipsticks has been released in the US! Curated by Pat McGrath, one of the world’s most renowned makeup artists and global creative design director for Max Factor, the line gives a modern twist to classic glamour.

Jane Cosmetics

Styled in the ‘90s with bucket hats and dungarees, the bold makeup colors of Jane Cosmetics were in every teenager’s school bag. Relaunched in 2013, these products have kept their punchy tones but are reformulated and repackaged for this generation’s teens. Don’t be fooled, though—nothing about their makeup is subpar and their new, sleek black packaging won’t make you feel silly when whipping out a tube of Jane’s lip gloss in the public bathroom.

Head and Shoulders

head and shoulders

Bear with us here. Although not everyone will consider Head and Shoulders shampoo a beauty product, they do help us become dandruff-free and feel totally awesome. Skin is to makeup what hair is to, well, hairstyling—you need to start out with a healthy base! Not just your parent’s shampoo, Head and Shoulders has become one of the best-selling shampoo brands in the world. The slightly curved bottles we see on the shelves today are much sleeker and appealing than the old ones from the ‘70s—good riddance!

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