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Down in the southern states, being a makeup artist is a coveted position. From bridal to film, there are an endless amount of jobs available for makeup artists looking to make a name for themselves.

Follow along for the complete guide to becoming a makeup artist in beautiful Atlanta!

Where To Work in Atlanta

Location: Little Five Points
Industry: Entertainment, Retail
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Beauty counter makeup artist, salon makeup artist, theatrical makeup artist

Located slightly northeast of bustling Atlanta’s downtown center is Little Five Points, a lively city hub ideal for makeup artists looking to gain experience.

Packed with theatres, entertainment venues, and retail shops, Little Five Points can help emerging makeup artists network while adding to their skill-set. Offering both hair and makeup services makes you more desirable to hire for theatre performances and salon work.

This is an area that young, creative crowds flock to, so you’ll want to have some original makeup looks ready to test out!

Budget makeup artistry kit

Location: Buckhead
Industry: Retail, Salon
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Beauty counter makeup artist, salon makeup artist

The high-end shopping malls in Buckhead lend themselves nicely to a makeup artist looking to find luxury clients! Building up your expertise and experience at a beauty counter will get you into the Atlanta makeup industry. You’ll be working with high-end brands and will learn what it’s like to work with affluent, suburban clients.

Lenox Square is your go-to mall to look for makeup artistry jobs – there is an abundance of cosmetic brands and department stores where you can get your foot in the door!

Location: Midtown
Industry: Theatre, Entertainment, Editorial
Preferred Makeup Jobs: Editorial makeup artist, celebrity makeup artist

Historic midtown has much to offer Atlanta makeup artists, with a plethora of venues and theatres to prove it! This is where you want to be in order to break into the entertainment industry. With plays and concerts happening all the time, you’ll need to market your makeup skills accordingly.

Plus, midtown lends itself nicely to big corporate companies. In the past, companies like Coca-Cola and Turner (who owns the Cartoon Network, NBA, and more networks) would be on the lookout for a film and editorial makeup artist for their ad campaigns.

You’ll have to keep one eye open, because these positions will get competitive!

Professional makeup artist in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Makeup Artists to Follow

In Atlanta, you’ll find a variety of talented makeup artists from all over. If you want to get in with big companies or establish yourself as a freelancer, following their work will keep you up-to-date on the industry!

Mimi J

This Atlanta-based makeup artist is a well-rounded professional! She has experience in many fields of makeup artistry, including bridal, celebrity and editorial. Her looks are absolutely flawless, and she has a creative vision to rival that of world-renowned artists.

Mimi J knows how to work with different clients and bring out each individual’s beauty. She’s our benchmark for working with different skin types and tones! Check out her portfolios to view her work.

Molly Todd

Both a pro makeup artist and hairstylist, Molly Todd knows how to rock a special occasion. She’s able to go from print to stage to the runway without skipping a beat. Molly’s bridal looks are timeless and elegant, and her special effects work is eerily realistic.

Check out her site to view her work and follow for more makeup inspiration!

Kathleen Marsh

Working mainly on editorial shoots and film sets, Kathleen Marsh has successfully worked her way up in the Atlanta beauty industry. She’s been hired by tons of reputable companies, like Delta, GQ, PBS, and AT&T.

Keep an eye on her looks in ad campaigns and on TV – you’ll be inspired by her flawless applications!

Atlanta makeup artist applying makeup

Your Makeup Artist Salary in Atlanta

Working in Atlanta can give you a chance to earn more as a professional makeup artist than you would in most cities. With an average hourly wage of about $28 for makeup artists, you’ll be all set once you land your first contract! A makeup artist’s salary depends on local norms, amount of competition, and skill level – all of which are on the rise in Atlanta.

Now that you know the target client base that exists in Atlanta, hone your skills to become the best. Adding bridal, film, and hairstyling to your makeup services will give you an edge in such a bustling city!

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