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The Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Photography

QC Makeup Academy graduate, Kerry Sleeman, is an experienced photographer and makeup artist. This week, Kerry gives us her advice on how to take photos that will accentuate your makeup techniques and fit perfectly into your portfolio!

Photography Tips for Makeup Artists

By Kerry Sleeman Photography

Part of being a makeup artist is also about showcasing your work to potential clients. A great way to start to showcase your work is to build up a beautiful portfolio of images to display on a Website, Facebook or any type of advertising.

Being a photographer, I took the opportunity to take professional images of work that I had completed to build my portfolio in my early makeup career, and I still take images of my work to regularly update my portfolio when trends change or I do create work. Not everyone has a professional camera or studio set up, but please do not let this stop you from taking beautiful images!

Good makeup photos of dark eyeshadow

How do a take a good image you might ask to start building your portfolio? Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Most Important: Model’s Styling

Professional Makeup Artist Photo Shoot


Natural light in bridal makeup photos

Model Pose

Professional Makeup Artist Photo Shoot


I hope this helps you with getting started with taking images of your makeup for your portfolio!

Find out what every makeup artist should know when you’re building a professional makeup portfolio!

Katie is a blog writer for QC Makeup Academy, where she provides advice to makeup artists and stylists. Katie's tips and career insights range from networking to creating exciting initiatives for new businesses.

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